The world of wood contains an almost infinite wealth of species, varying from area to area.
The start of a project that aims to pay tribute to all the world’s timbers.
Today the collection features four types of wood, from different regions of the world, their patterning and surfaces flawlessly reproduced.

Noce selvatico (Italy) :
A wild tree with a trunk that varies from the vertical, featuring intense, variegated colouring in a range of warm hues.

White Toulipier (Canada) :
Named for its tulip-like flowers, this wood is portrayed in white to underline all the subtlety of the original vein patterns.

Scottish Oak (Scotland):
From old oak casks used to age the finest scotch whiskies, a faithful reproduction of the colours and shades brought out in the wood by long exposure to the spirit.

Grey Ash (Japan):
These planks with their polished, iridescent, almost silvery look come from trees which may be up to 40 metres tall.