Restyling of Pluricart company headquarters

On Square’s concrete design for an industrial restyling project with stoneware tiles

The textured perfection of concrete was the stylistic ideal for the industrial restyling project with stoneware tiles in Pluricart’s company premises: offices, walkways, and both common and private spaces.
The resurfacing with Emilceramica stoneware tiles stands out for its harmonious combination of patterns: linear, natural surfaces that combine authentic tactile perceptions with the most popular design trends. The On Square catalogue is perfectly in line with style chosen by Pluricart for its industrial restyling with stoneware tiles: urban contemporary. The collection features solid finishes and dusty colours. Concrete is interpreted with an urban spirit and artisan passion, a material shaped by the will of man, by design instinct. Salt rising to the surface, traces of sand in the mortar, and the wear and tear of footsteps: concrete that lives on in a contemporary, versatile and highly expressive collection.

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For Pluricart’s headquarters, a characterful solution was chosen in line with the most refined industrial taste, concrete-effect stoneware tiles that make their mark on surfaces without ever being invasive. A covering with a strong design attitude that is neutral, ideal for understated, yet distinctive work environments, attentive to aesthetic taste and the latest interior design trends.