Porcelain stoneware tiles for open-plan kitchens

Evolving spaces in a changing world. This is the ecosystem which has inspired the open-plan kitchen trend, an expression of the most contemporary manner of living. A hybrid solution which opens the door to new potential furnishing and design layouts. Dynamism, versatility and functionality are the attributes which make porcelain stoneware tiles for open-plan kitchens the most effective solution to meet continuously changing design values, without ever betraying the human vision of interior design.
If the kitchen is the heart of domestic life, open-plan kitchens take on the challenge of new concepts of socializing, new family dynamics and compositions, and precious new habits to be celebrated around a set table. 
Porcelain stoneware tiles – thanks to the incredible and irreplaceable combination of technical performance and expressive potential – are the ideal choice for modern and welcoming kitchens, places for communicating, coming together and making memories.
With porcelain stoneware, the open-plan kitchen becomes the perfect stage for moments of authentic conviviality.

Porcelain stoneware floors for a spacious kitchen

The choice of flooring for open-plan kitchens is key in creating a cohesive atmosphere between the living and eating areas. It is precisely the shared flooring which connects the two different uses in a single design environment. A good rule is to choose a neutral and bright style in order to visually expand the space and keep open a wider range of chromatic and stylistic combinations – although bolder, more audacious choices such as darker wood or stone tones should not be ruled out.
The most important aspect to keep in mind is that porcelain stoneware floors for open-plan kitchens must adapt to the style of the kitchen and living area, both as regards their functionality and their aesthetics. Porcelain is unrivaled as a material from this point of view. Its technical performance, thanks to cutting-edge ceramic technology, guarantees tiles which are tough and long-lasting in the face of all stresses, safe and hygienic, easy to clean and maintenance-free; in the kitchen, thanks to their negligible absorbency and resistance to thermal shock, they can be used in the vicinity of water and heat with no issues.
Added to these peerless technical features is the enormous range of expressive possibilities able to meet any design requirement. An enormous range of colors, textures and finishes.
Unique Travertine by Provenza is a great inspiration for finding the stone effect kitchen floor which best suits the space. This collection represents the perfect combination of the textural qualities of travertine and the latest design trends. The calcareous charm of this stone returns unchanged in a tile faithful to travertine in its vein patterns, geological structure and spirit. The Unique Travertine catalog shows off the evocative power of this stone, in four finishes created through a meticulous and passionate analysis of the material. From the mellow undulation of the veining of Vein Cut to the lean textures of Minimal; from the three-dimensional features of Ruled to the retro geometry of Ancient. The conceptual basis of the collection is to start again from the legacy of the stone to create new living spaces.

How to choose the backsplash for an open-plan kitchen

The backsplash for an open-plan kitchen, while it might seem like a limited surface, represents a unique design opportunity for interior designers. The backsplash, considered mandatory for cooktops and ranges, and often also found behind the sink, is essential to protect the walls from food and water splashes. In the economy of the overall design, a backsplash in porcelain stoneware tiles in an open-plan kitchen plays a fundamental role, a playing field which is open to experimentation and bold tastes: a vibrant color, imagination, an ingredient able to liven up the entire environment.
While a kitchen contains many elements which need to be combined in a logical and harmonious manner – surfaces and countertops, cabinetry and finishes, floors and walls – when it comes to the backsplash, the order of the day is freedom. Creative and untamed liberty.
This is the opportunity to add a touch of eclecticism even to the most minimalist of styles, a bold color even when the overriding palette is entirely neutral colors. If your favorite taste is colored kitchen tiles, Totalook by Emilceramica is the ideal response.
Resin and brick tiles, technical performance and design, minimalist yet lively character. This collection comes to life by bringing together bold and unpredictable tastes. A selection of ceramic materials which offer infinite creative opportunities. A bright and irreverent contemporary design, reflected in five colors for three different intended uses. The generous assortment of majolica ware and decorations amplifies the expressive and chromatic potential of the ceramic material in its metropolitan vocation.

The island: undisputed king of the open-plan kitchen

In an open-plan kitchen, the island is not just an island. It is a strategic element for separating the kitchen from the living area. It is a highly versatile component of the kitchen, able to define the spaces and at the same time connect them. The island plays an important role as a container to house some of the bulkiest kitchen tools and equipment, but can also be seen as a window onto the kitchen. It can also house appliances and/or a sink, and it is the component which connects the kitchen to the living area both in terms of the layout and its functional uses. A kitchen island is a view onto the living area, hybrid terrain where you can eat breakfast or enjoy a drink – somewhere for the home’s inhabitants to come together. All this takes place on a unique surface: the kitchen island countertop. It is an extremely important component in aesthetic terms, requiring combination with the other kitchen countertops and floors in order to provide a harmonious effect and lend continuity to the living environment.
Level solutions are an excellent choice for the countertop of an open-plan kitchen island. Level Concrete in particular is the collection of reference if the idea is to make use of a palette which is neutral but at the same time provides a great visual impact. The solidity of concrete, combined with a vocation for large-format tiles, is an elegant response to the needs of modern and minimalist spaces, indulging the most refined design tastes.

The best countertop solutions for your island

Choosing the countertop for the island of an open-plan kitchen is a real cornerstone of the design process. It is a design element which inevitably takes on a leading role, thanks to its size and position, in the living space.
While on the one hand the need for coordination with the kitchen, the living area, the other surfaces, walls, and floors suggests a sober and neutral choice – selected from a palette of grays, for example – the possibilities offered by contemporary design also take in significantly more striking solutions.
This is the case with Level Marmi. This collection celebrates the absolute and sublime beauty of marble, offering it in tiles the size of a work of art. The 160x320 cm and 162x324 cm formats allow you to fully enjoy the aesthetic scope of marble: the seduction of the veining, the sumptuous luminosity of the reflections, the theatrical design of mineral and fossil geometries. There are a total of 27 color variants. An extensive range of possibilities designed to bring the immortal luxury of marble into any contemporary living space. Choosing marble effect porcelain stoneware for open-plan kitchens means bringing the ancient charm of the noblest material into the heart of your social space. Captivating beauty you can celebrate every time you eat.

04 July 2022


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