Porcelain stoneware tiles for contemporary architecture

Emilgroup porcelain stoneware tiles respond to the ever-changing demands of architecture, a field in constant evolution. Spaces are transformed in response to times and fashions, and the way we live our lives and use our homes. The array of images that surround us is expanding all the time in this age of plurality and experimentation. Design is shaped by the contemporary mood and yet also inspired by the heritage of the past and the natural elements. Emilgroup embraces this vision of interior design and expresses it in every one of its tiles, branded in the fire of Italian excellence: craftsmanship which becomes art. Technical research and ceramic tradition, guaranteed performances and continually expanding stylistic potentials. Porcelain stoneware satisfies every architectural wish, in indoor and outdoor, residential and commercial locations; artistic concepts are embodied in a ceramic surface, with unlimited depth of perceptions and evocations. Stoneware has an eclectic, dynamic versatility, expressed to the full by Emilgroup through its five brands. Five different approaches to the art of covering the spaces we live in. Emilceramica – innovation meets the solidity of the Italian tradition, Ergon - contemporary architecture and technical excellence, Provenza – creativity and refinement in aesthetic craftsmanship, Viva – the irreverence and uniqueness of the latest trends, Level - the theatrical power of large ceramic surfaces. One company, five brands, more than seventy collections. Every porcelain stoneware tile is an exercise in uniqueness.

Beauty and performance: all the benefits of porcelain stoneware tiles

Emilgroup porcelain stoneware tiles achieve excellence in their responses to two different demands: the material’s technical performances on the one hand, and on the other a wealth of exquisite aesthetic potentials, to guarantee more and more refined freedom of expression. A striving for perfection which starts in the research and development laboratories. The added value of porcelain stoneware processed by the very latest technologies using choice quality materials and reinterpreting the wonderful ceramic tradition lies in its technical performances. These materials are incredibly resistant to stresses and impacts, chemicals and weather. They are non-absorbent and anti-slip, and immune to damp and exposure to high temperatures. The search for excellence in every production phase is the foundation of stoneware tiles that are easy to install, convenient to clean and maintenance-free; safe, reliable surfaces that last over time and retain all their qualities intact. Every porcelain stoneware tile is an exercise in perfection.

The infinite potentials of creative porcelain stoneware tiles

Porcelain stoneware tiles are an artist’s canvas, ready to express stylistic ideas of every kind, from the most classical to the most daring visions. Every collection is the outcome of passionate, in-depth research, including textures and corners of the globe, cultures and geometric forms; painstaking observation of nature and contemporary design trends. Its creative workshop is the vibrant heart of Emilgroup. A laboratory involving a mix of professionals - architects and technicians, designers and artists - always in search of new inputs and fresh aesthetic suggestions. A process that digs deep into the identity of matter: it reveals the fossil forms in split travertine, the rough pattern of the knots in Scottish oaks, the red hot oxidation in metal slabs and the sinuous, lyrical vein patterns of Carrara marble. In every surface, porcelain stoneware reflects the character of the best-loved materials and draws on an immensely rich expressive heritage to reproduce it with sincerity in our living spaces - it connects our homes with the aesthetic potentials of a whole world. Every porcelain stoneware tile is an exercise in creativity.