Porcelain stoneware: attractive effects and textures for every style.

Let yourself be inspired by the range of looks of porcelain stoneware

Emilgroup and its brands are known for their high quality, making them ceramics industry leaders; each of these brands has a different story to tell, but they are united by the reliability and technical characteristics of porcelain stoneware material. In fact, with the vast range of porcelain stoneware effects, everyone can customise their locations with the look best suited to their needs, from outdoor areas needing large sizes and excellent strength to indoor coverings with distinctive and dynamic or extremely natural, simple effects.

What’s more, porcelain stoneware offers a wide assortment of effects to meet all stylistic needs: from natural wood to the finest stones, and from the simplest looks to the most dynamic geometric patterns. Thanks to the effects provided by porcelain stoneware, choosing impeccable design also provides outstanding technical characteristics. The wood effect porcelain stoneware, for example, is ideal for creating a natural floor that imitates the finishes of a real wood parquet to perfection, from the lightest to the darkest shades depending on stylistic requirements.

Similarly, the marble effect porcelain stoneware gives an interior a classical, elegant, neat, tidy and extremely modern air. As for the porcelain stoneware “wood” effect, with the “marble” effect the stylistic result is impeccable, with realistic vein patterns just like those of real marble, and variegated shades exactly as in the natural stone.

Therefore, decorating locations with Emilgroup porcelain stoneware effects is the ideal choice for impeccable, effective results: style, convenience, variety of sizes and extreme practicality. Thanks to the characteristics of porcelain stoneware material, such as its strength, there is no need for the constant care and maintenance necessary for other covering materials.

Last but not least, Emilgroup guarantees short porcelain stoneware installation times, which also cut labour costs, ensuring enviable quality with impressive time savings. Explore all the porcelain stoneware effects and the many collections in the catalogue to choose the one best suited to the style and practical features you require.