Metal-effect porcelain stoneware tiles

Discover our metal effect floor tiles

Metal-effect porcelain tiles are the perfect choice for everyone who loves to stun and surprise, and all those who love to decorate their interiors with materials with unique, inimitable design. With two signature collections, it will be easy to delight the most discerning tastes.

The porcelain stoneware material gives the tiles resistance that lasts over time while the metal effect adds a modern, contemporary, extremely dynamic style to the interior. Thanks to these tiles, your interior will reconcile technological and minimal design, and with the right furnishing the outcome will be breathtaking. 

For outdoor or indoor locations, this unique style provides a unique character! For outdoor areas such as terraces, lofts, private garden paths and many other locations, our large tiles are perfect and the result is a design scheme with unique, modern characteristics. With metal effect floors, indoor spaces are vibrant, and the areas of the home with this covering acquire a special personality, making them real artworks to be showcased.

So to meet all needs and requirements, Emilgroup has two metal-look collections:

  • Metallica: a collection available in four different colors! Thanks to sophisticated interplays of light and reflections, metal sheds the cold look that connotes it as a typically industrial material and design tool and gains value with a variety of colors from slate black to intense white.
  • Metal Style: it combines two different metals tiwh the aim is to transform metal into a style in its own right, thanks to its intrinsic finishes and characteristics.

Artistic and creative people will love the metal effect of porcelain stoneware and our tile collections, because with this effect floor and wall coverings create distinctive, authentic design corners. It is a total look for all interiors, such as living-rooms, lounges, meeting rooms or offices, or for covering more specific features such as worktops or kitchen counters. Simple, minimal, elegant, modern and absolutely unique! The result is a look never previously achieved, thanks to metal effect tiles. Furnishing is the final touch that completes the interior design: with furniture and ornaments of the right shape and color, art reigns supreme.


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