Blue tiles for for stylish design ideas

Color your room like the ocean with blue floors

There are many shades of blue tiles, but whichever is chosen, they all recall the infinite beauty of the sea. The best known are undoubtedly electric, royal, Columbian, Persian and Portuguese blue, not to mention Tiffany and indigo. Each of these shades has its own character and can be used to decorate different types of indoor or outdoor, public or private locations. Blue porcelain stoneware tiles give light to interiors, and with mosaic effects the mood generated can easily call to mind the wonderful sensation we feel when contemplating the vast ocean.

Emilceramica’s blue floor tiles are an excellent example of the effective use of these nuances, and comprise various collections with a refined, very distinctive style. There are no limits to the use of this color: it can be used for designing ceramic floors, wall coverings and slabs. Floors in this nuance can be used, for example, to decorate an elegant showroom, a sophisticated attic, a vibrant, refined restaurant, a beautiful home and any other location that inspires your imagination. 

Why you should choose dark blue tiles for your home

Emilceramica’s dark blue tiles provide an effect of depth, style and exquisite design. This shade is often associated with sensations such as serenity and happiness: in ancient cultures it was often linked to the ideas not only of the infinite and immortality but also of nobility and purity of spirit. This color choice is ideal for creating locations rich in intensity, with safety and reliability. The solutions from Totalook by Emilceramica are excellent for designing locations in minimalist style. Tracce by Emilceramica makes effective use of a variety of shades, and its indigo shade offers the basis for particularly tasteful, sophisticated design schemes. 

Anyone who wishes to be daring with blue floors can install tiles to create original mix and matches, by alternating the decorations, the shapes or the different shades available.



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