All Emilgroup stoneware tile shapes and sizes

From small sizes to large slabs, explore all the sizes available

Every context needs a different porcelain stoneware tile size, to ensure perfect integration with the surrounding space. The collections available for indoor and outdoor locations offer a choice of tile size, to suit every type of home design need and to cater for both residential and commercial projects. The choice of size depends on personal taste. Small or medium sizes give the interior a more classical, traditional style, while if large size tiles are chosen, the space will acquire more innovative, trendy forms and finishes. Apart from the choice of size, tiles' overall effect can be enhanced with the aid of decors and surface types designed specifically for the type of location where the collection will be used. Outdoor installations require tiles with a higher friction coefficient, while a semi-polished effect may be ideal for giving the interior a special gleam, increasing its depth and shine.