Solid colour porcelain stoneware tiles: giving locations a strong, immediate appeal

Minimalist and refined looks for solid-color floors

The solid colour effect of porcelain stoneware is ideal for creating a sense of continuity between different rooms, functional and perfect applied to both floors and walls. Solid colour effect porcelain stoneware is the right choice for expressing your art, using it both as background, creating a real artwork with particular shapes and colours in the furniture, and as design protagonist with no need for further furnishing or adornment. Solid colour effect tiles are an excellent solution for building features such as counters and backsplashes for kitchen and bathroom areas, as well as furnishings such as tables and doors with a high degree of customisation. 

For creating a totally artistic home, with rooms in different solid colours, or for continuity of colour across several rooms and for a minimal, creative effect, solid colour effect tiles are the ideal solution. What’s more, thanks to the technical characteristics of the porcelain stoneware material, the quality of the floor and wall covering is guaranteed; with stoneware, strength is assured even in the long term. 

The key collection for solid colour effect porcelain stoneware is:

  • Level Tinta Unita: with the Level collection, solid colour is honoured with large porcelain stoneware slabs in sizes 160x320 cm, thickness 6.5 mm (rectified) and 162x324 cm, thickness 12 mm (unrectified). With a single colour, it provides uniformity within the room and enables creative freedom for full personalisation of your project. The Level Tinta Unita collection offers the two colours most pregnant with meaning: black and white.

Solid colour effect porcelain stoneware for breathtaking results both indoors and outdoors, thanks to the choice of different sizes. Outdoor locations defined by uniform, uncluttered expanses of colour, to create a sense of extreme order even surrounded by the unique spontaneity of nature. Indoor spaces that are stimulating, satisfying at a glance and artistic. 

Solid colour effect tiles are the perfect solution also, and above all, for formal locations such as offices, meeting and board rooms and foyers. Thanks to their immaculate, simple, elegant glossy effect they can be applied to any location or interior and for any context, from the most dignified to the most artistic and experimental.


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