Green porcelain stoneware tiles: making original living spaces

All the varieties of green porcelain stoneware tiles

For nature lovers, green tiles are a safe, satisfying choice. They fit attractively into all locations, both outdoors and indoors. In private homes, they are perfect for both living and sleeping areas, and also for creating a colourful lounge or kitchen. Smooth, decorated or with distinctive motifs, green coverings convey the idea not only of hope, with which this colour is generally associated, but also of comfort, calm and freedom. Thanks to these specific characteristics, green is very much in fashion not only in private homes but also in public locations such as shops and offices. This colour is created by mixing blue and yellow and is very versatile because it is a happy medium between warm and cool shades.


The most common combinations with green porcelain stoneware are easy and attractive, and include white, yellow, purple, grey, ivory, ochre and burnt Siena. Emilgroup offers various collections of green tiles for walls, surfaces, floors and pavings. One of the most attractive and modern is Metallica by Viva, which offers coverings with an iridescent surface able to create astonishing effects with light.


This collection offers green in the Brick Lux size of 6x24 cm, perfect for creating compositions with larger tiles or other colours. The Re-Play Concrete by Provenza collection, which reinterprets concrete and wood, includes the Verdigris shade, available in the 120x120 cm, 30x60 cm, 60x120 cm, 60x60 cm, 80x160 cm and 80x80 cm sizes. Lovers of marble and unusual abstract patterns will delight in the Tele Di Marmo Revolution by Emilceramica collection, which offers green in the splendid Verde Saint Denis shade.


Thanks to the beauty of marble combined with the chromotherapeutic properties of the colour green, this collection is not only aesthetically perfect but also ideal for creating interiors with very classy design and a beneficial relaxing power. Verde Saint Denis colour tiles are available in the 120x278 cm, 30x60 cm, 60x120 cm and 90x90 cm sizes.



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