Anthracite porcelain stoneware tiles: elegance and emotions

Anthracite porcelain stoneware: let the elegance win you over

Many Emilgroup collections feature anthracite colour tiles. Anthracite is a dark grey colour derived from the shades of lead and coal. Although anthracite coverings may appear gloomy, in fact they have a subtle gleam that makes interiors bright, elegant and refined. Anthracite is defined as a neutral shade and is famous for its versatility: architects and designers therefore often select it for their projects.


People who choose anthracite porcelain stoneware love spaces in metropolitan style and with an almost hi-tech, futuristic mood. This colour scale combines perfectly with many types of furnishings to create welcoming, vibrant interiors: comfortable rooms like the bedroom, living-room or bathroom benefit from the relaxing, de-stressing effect anthracite walls or floors are able to provide.


This colour looks good with both glossy and matt shades and is suitable for both indoor spaces and outdoor paving such as the patio or garden. Its most fascinating combinations definitely include that with pastel shades such as powder pink and mallow, but it is also very attractive with brighter colours such as mustard yellow, coral red or pumpkin colour. It also teams up successfully with plain white, or natural colours such as green. If you like daring combinations, anthracite grey is ideal with metallic hues, while more classical options include pairing it with white, stone or wood.


Emilceramica offers two collections of anthracite effect porcelain stoneware, available in various sizes: for the Totalook collection 20x20 cm, 30x60 cm, 60x60 cm, 80x80 cm, 40x80 cm, 120x120 cm and 60x120 cm; for the Unique Bleu collection: 60x60 cm, 80x80 cm, 40x80 cm and 60x120 cm. Totalook is inspired by the elegance of resin, while Unique Bleu interprets anthracite colour in various ways and is inspired by Belgian Pierre Bleue. Both these collections can be combined and highlighted with tiles from other collections produced and offered by Emilgroup.


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