Explore the colours of the porcelain stoneware

Colored wall and floor tiles for a unique style

There are countless incredible ways of personalising a location with the many colour shades offered by Emilgroup. Tiles’ colours, combined with effects and finishes, give character to a design scheme and create harmony and wellbeing for the users, not only of everyday spaces such as kitchens, lounges, bathrooms and bedrooms but also of public places, gardens and terraces!

Porcelain stoneware in different colours meets all kinds of design, taste and style requirements, enabling experimentation with furnishings and with alternations of colours themselves. What’s more, with the subtle shades available, the natural light helps to make all the surrounding area bright and sophisticated. Carefully judged covering colours will delight all tastes and fulfil all needs.


There are just a few simple things you need to know before setting your imagination free:

  • lighter colours make a space look larger;
  • darker shades generate a welcoming, cosy mood;
  • patterns and decors, and colours with shade variation, conceal marks better;
  • more daring colours such as yellow or red create a cheerful mood and avoid monotony;
  • if you change your furnishings often, on the other hand, it is better to use neutral shades, which are more versatile and easier to match;
  • colours like grey or beige provide an elegant touch;
  • black and white tiles are perfect for creating a minimal style.


The colours offered by Emilgroup are in line with the latest trends in the interior design world, with combinations that emphasise the characteristics of their inspiration materials and their locations.

Differentiating colour combinations to adorn both indoor and outdoor locations will generate an effect able to amaze at every step. Monochrome design schemes provide a simple, modern, refined style. On the other hand, coloured floors give originality to the home and can also be achieved by mixing different types of tiles together.

Walls also acquire new value thanks to porcelain stoneware and can be partially or totally covered with tiles in more delicate or more vibrant colours. Children or teenagers’ bedrooms are the right place for being daring with colours and exploiting all porcelain stoneware’s technical qualities. Scroll through the Emilgroup collections to discover the best colours for every type of context.