Every kitchen is lovelier with porcelain stoneware tiles

The elegance of porcelain stoneware kitchen wall tiles'

For many people, the kitchen is their favourite part of the home, where they spend the most time. The kitchen is much more than just a room or an interior design choice; it is a real lifestyle. The very best use must be made of space to create new energy. This is facilitated by Emilgroup’s no fewer than 66 porcelain stoneware kitchen floor and wall tile collections.

The kitchen is a place for sharing, where friends and family come together to eat and drink, and for this reason it is also a room which requires care and attention. Every one of the kitchen covering and kitchen tile collections guarantees the highest degree of freedom of expression and is at the complete service of architecture in step with the latest, most innovative trends and innovative design.

Choosing porcelain stoneware guarantees a series of benefits to be borne in mind, since thanks to its many properties its quality remains virtually unchanged over time. In the kitchen, we use many utensils and substances which may cause coverings to wear: porcelain stoneware kitchen tiles are resistant to stains and UV radiation; they are waterproof and extremely easy to clean; they are immune to high temperatures and all the stresses atmospheric agents can cause; and blades do not damage them because they are scratch-resistant. All these qualities are essential for a room used multiple times every day with continuous stresses and impacts on its surfaces. What’s more, thanks to their resistance, kitchen coverings are suitable not only for floors and walls but also for the realisation of elegant, hygienic worktops that do not risk shedding any chemicals into foods.

In addition, in terms of appearance Emilgroup products are ideal for toning down the surface's classical severity, and generating a more intimate, cheerful, attractive impact.

Textures, dimensions, colours and forms play a fundamental role in this creative process. Unusual combinations for creating a stunning effect can be achieved with the aid of graphic finishes. For example, if tiles such as those of the Dimore collection, which interprets oak wood, are included, the decors can be used to create a “carpet effect” in the part of the floor located underneath the table!



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