Heritage by Viva

Nobility and strength, from matter to design.

Heritage is inspired by Montpellier stone, which has been used for centuries to embellish castles, cathedrals and private houses, both in the region where it is extracted and in the rest of the world.

It conveys all the beauty of its shades with four striking colour variants: Ivory, Beige, Grey and Urban. The collection consists of 6 plain tile sizes and 2 floral decors. The Florita decor features a tone-on-tone relief surface with a sanding effect, which, in the 40x80 cm size, gives the installation decorative continuity. Florita Deco, in the 20x20 cm size, features a single-relief floral design, coloured with soft brushstrokes. The collection thus communicates an important past, while adopting a versatile, contemporary language, ensuring perfect coexistence between aesthetics and design performance.
Heritage - 2552

Sizes and colours



R10 DIN EN 16165 Annex B

B (A+B) DIN EN 16165 Annex A

Wet ≥ 0.50 WET DCOF

> 0.40 B.C.R.A.

P2 AS 4586

Naturale 20MM

R11 DIN EN 16165 Annex B

C (A+B+C) DIN EN 16165 Annex A

Wet ≥ 0.65 WET DCOF

> 0.40 B.C.R.A.

P4 AS 4586

> 36 Low Slip potential BS 7976

3 UNE 41901

Shade variations


V3 High

Intended uses

HEAVY COMMERCIAL--Alto traffico pedonale (es. stazioni ferroviarie, aereoporti, centri commerciali)