Porcelain stoneware slabs

Emilgroup’s floor slabs

For people who like to do things on a large scale, Emilgroup offers porcelain stoneware slabs in the 120x240 cm size, ready to make any location elegant, modern, trendy and sophisticated. Popular and widely used in the design world, slabs work very well on both walls and floors, guaranteeing uniformity, harmony and continuity between the various spaces. All this without ever sacrificing the impeccable style choices offered by the various Emilgroup collections. Anyone choosing to use floor slabs will combine the technical benefits of porcelain stoneware - such as strength, durability, safety and hygiene - with those of an aesthetic nature.


Emilgroup offers a wide number of textures and color shades, ready to support all needs and make every space special. Porcelain slabs mean minimal joints, so rooms appear larger, even if they are actually small. We should not only consider indoor walls and floors: outdoor locations can be effectively highlighted thanks to the versatility of porcelain stoneware and the various shades offered by the respective collections. This type of covering is quick and convenient to install.


It should also be underlined that slabs are very lightweight and so they can be installed not only on walls and floors but also to cover worktops and furniture. Like the other sizes, they provide an excellent visual and aesthetic representation of other materials: marble, metal, plaster, stone and wood come back to life through oversize tiles!


The Metallica by Viva collection is an example of audacity combined with elegance: the iridescent effect generated when the light strikes the tile triggers sophisticated, avant-garde reflected gleams. A decidedly more classical effect is obtained by choosing the Tele Di Marmo Selection by Emilceramica, perfect for walls and floors: it adorns the home with the beauty of the most exquisite of stones and the many potentials and qualities of porcelain stoneware.

For very striking, lasting effects, porcelain stoneware slabs are the most effective choice.


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