Acif stoneware tiles: Uniquely Italian Style


Uniquely Italian style

Acif’s stoneware tile collections are designed to bring Italian tradition and style to every ceramic surface. Craftsmanship that becomes art, inimitable aesthetic taste. Acif tiles take the authentic charm of Italy beyond the peninsula to the world of international interior design. Take, for example, the Stonetrace collection, inspired by the Cardoso stone typical of the Apuan Alps – fluid surfaces with solid design opportunities and shades suitable for covering any room with an elegant, minimalist look. Or the Riflessi distressed mirror-effect tiles: Perla, Argento, Topazio, Zaffiro – exquisite surfaces for an impactful creative statement; new impressions light up with the passage of time. The natural appeal of wood is revived in the Elegance Wood range, offering contemporary refinement in the warmth of each grain, enveloping and sincere coverings. Oak is the raw material chosen for the Domino collection. A blend of sylvan perceptions and childhood memories for intimate, family environments, without ever neglecting a taste for the most contemporary design.
Acif stoneware tiles form part of an array of design possibilities rooted in traditional Italian craftsmanship and enriched by international perceptions; a large-scale exercise in beauty to celebrate on every surface.


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