Stone-effect tiles for exciting design schemes in sophisticated style

The versatility of stone-effect tiles

In Emilgroup stone effect porcelain stoneware, the very compact structure of the inspiration material and a distinctive natural look combine to create an effect that visually conveys all the strength actually delivered by the stoneware itself. The key feature of stone effect floors is the immense impression of naturalness and simplicity that they convey, making all locations characterful and authentic, modern yet also classical.

Stone effect tiles are the ideal look for covering outdoor locations as well as indoor ones. For outdoors, the collections offer the larger sizes, suitable for paving large areas and providing great strength thanks to the characteristics of porcelain stoneware: for a private or public garden, of a home, office or restaurant the stone effect creates the perfect blend of history and design, trendiness and tradition, for an impeccable result. What’s more, thanks to the porcelain stoneware material, the paving will be extremely strong immediately on installation, so stoneware material is used above all for outdoor locations, particularly exposed to weather and environmental stresses. Choosing a stone effect floor for decorating an interior is a daring stylistic style: the result of this covering is distinctive and classy yet dynamic.

The types of interior typically decorated with stone effect tiles are large living-rooms, open-plan kitchens, restaurant dining-rooms, or meeting and board rooms. There are two porcelain stoneware stone effect collections: they will give different results, but they share a strong personality:

  • Totalook: this collection provides a sense of order and a carefully planned design scheme, with a minimalist, metropolitan stylistic result for modern yet classy locations.
  • Tr3nd: if you choose this collection your interior will be unique, with a combination of styles that converge in a single collection. Tr3nd stone effect tiles are dynamic and very striking. With a stone effect floor, the outcome is certain to be a perfect blend of elegance and dynamism, in symmetrical and minimalist or elegant, classical interiors. Creating special colour schemes will be easy thanks to the stone tile collections. Public or private spaces will be rich in meaning and prestige, achieving elegance without sacrificing functionality.


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