Marble-effect porcelain stoneware: exquisite, stylish interiors

Prestige and elegance combine in marble-effect floors

Marble effect floors create a refined, aristocratic stylistic result; marble gives prestige to every interior, and with porcelain stoneware material the result will be great strength and low maintenance costs.

Interiors covered with marble tiles will acquire new life: the finishes are extremely elegant and decorative, luminous and natural. Thanks to marble effect tiles, it is easy to create a subtle, refined interior with a fine simplicity.

At the same time, marble effect porcelain stoneware can make interiors extremely dynamic and light-filled, depending on the chosen style of the various marble effect collections, with a choice between a classic exquisite style or a modern, simple, dynamic look. Basically, marble effect floors enable everyone to express their artistic talent: the different sizes, shades and characteristics offer immense versatility.

What’s more, many different interplays of styles can be achieved by combining an aristocratic, classical marble look with a dynamic, modern effect: the result will be an extremely up-to-date interior contaminated with a little historic romanticism.

Some of our marble effect tile collections to meet the most demanding stylistic requirements:

  • Tele di Marmo: Four different natural and semi-polished marbles find their highest expression in the large slab sizes sizes, where the vein patterning becomes the absolute star and interiors come alive - very striking for a highly distinctive result.
  • Bianco d’Italia collection: a more classical, simple, luminous style thanks to the effect of exquisite Carrara marble. A type of marble that conveys great prestige, used in the most beautiful historic marble statues. In this case, the effect of the vein pattern in the marble effect tiles is more subdued, for a more pristine, classical impression.
  • Level Marmi: a collection with its own unusual style, that creates a variegated, modern, underground effect, ideal for bathroom coverings, walls, worktops or floors. The Level Marmi collection has a strong character and shines with a light of its own: the marble effect floor coverings in this collection make your interiors unique.
  • Tele di Marmo Revolution: a collection that will delight and amaze all who see it, a stylistic result achieved through interplays of colours and geometrical patterns that evoke the art of mosaic. In this collection, vein patterns, reflections and details acquire a personality that will make its mark in any project, unique and original as a work of art.

Therefore, with marble effect porcelain stoneware the keywords for your design schemes will be elegance, light, grace and dynamism.


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