Small-size tiles

Let yourself get carried away by Emilgroup's small-size floor tiles

Daring contrasts and unexpected combinations are one of the possibilities awaiting discovery if you decide to decorate indoor or outdoor locations with small-size tiles. Those offered by Emilgroup are versatile, colorful, attractive and suitable for any home decoration needs and they are also perfect for easy installation on uneven surfaces and in even the most difficult-to-furnish spaces. Creating effects by alternating colors and patterns is much easier with small-size floor tiles, and the same also applies to areas like walls - for example - in the bathroom or kitchen. In rooms like these, where steam and condensation are particularly common, porcelain stoneware is the optimal solution, thanks to its technical qualities which also make it easy to clean and sanitize. In outdoor areas, as well, a small format tile maintains its durability, withstanding weather and heavy loads particularly well.

How to install small-size tiles

There are virtually no limits to the installation layouts that can be created, generating original, sophisticated effects perfect for renewing and enlivening a room. Patterns and geometric motifs leave plenty of scope for the imagination and the choice of more or less noticeable joints will be of assistance in redefining the look of interiors.

The choice ranges from the most classical to the most sophisticated and there are many stoneware collections to choose from: from the more classical brands like Emilceramica to the more contemporary ones like Viva. Choose from the many textures available, which vary in every collection, and perfectly recreate the surface of exquisite materials such as wood, stone, marble and many others:

  • Acustico 12 by Viva collection is excellent for outdoor use: warm colors and mosaic decorations blend perfectly into the surrounding environment. 

  • Tracce by Emilceramica, on the other hand, is recommended for those who want to make the rooms of their home, or even their office, understated and tasteful. 

  • Nr.21 by Viva is perfect for public locations, which can be improved and restyled with an urban look in light, versatile shades. 

  • Petra by Emilceramica is the collection that reproduces Pierre de Bourgogne and is excellent for making areas like a lounge, a wine cellar or an elegant boutique truly unique.


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