Grey colour porcelain stoneware tiles for elegant, tasteful design schemes

The colour grey for giving simplicity to location

Emilceramica offers grey in 57 floor and wall covering collections. For design in line with 2019 trends, grey is the perfect colour: it is ideal for creating relaxing, welcoming interiors and also gives them an air of clean simplicity. To highlight the grey colour even more effectively, wood is excellent: together, they give space a very natural simplicity, and create the “shabby chic" style which is now so fashionable in the design world. Collections that include this colour are perfect for decorating the kitchen of a private home or a public location, a living-room, bedroom or dining-room, or also a bathroom, terrace or garden. Grey adds light to the entire space around it, the perfect backdrop for enhancing dark and light colours, creating a mood of harmony, security and intensity.


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