Stonehenge by Ergon

An ode to the renowned natural stone and its expressive power.

Known for its sedimentary origins and use in local homes, the British stone has been given new life by Ergon to face the challenges of modern design. Emilgroup’s R&D division studied the entire range of the original material to identify its softest, most elegant vein patterns.

Attention to the finest detailing, combined with the realism of high resolution graphics, has enabled us to embody and reinterpret the character of the British stone in a more versatile version whose sinuous elegance is expressed in its fluid veining. The Stonehenge collection lends new life to the natural stone, making the most of its original refinement and intensity to express its soft nuances in total harmony with the underlying surface. The collection is available in 4 natural colourways, typical of the natural stone: White, Ivory, Grey and Anthracite, in the 235/8”x471/4” and 1113/16”x235/8” sizes. The collection is completed by the 1113/16”x235/8” Line decoration, with a relief surface which is particularly suited to use as a wall tile, and creates a harmonious visual continuity between the installation’s surfaces and volumes.
Stonehenge  - 1000023

Designed in Italy,
produced in US

Sizes and colours

9,5 mm

235/8"x 471/4"

8,5 mm

1113/16"x 235/8"



R10 DIN EN 16165 Annex B

B (A+B) DIN EN 16165 Annex A

Wet ≥ 0.50 WET DCOF

Shade variations


V3 High


Mosaic 1113/16"x1113/16"
Stonehenge  - Anthracite
Stonehenge  - Grey
Stonehenge  - Ivory
Stonehenge  - White