Terracotta-effect tiles for a traditional style that is still always up to date

Terracotta-effect floors for traditional tastes

If you want to transform your space into a welcoming, enticing interior, then terracotta effect porcelain stoneware is the right choice for you in stylistic and practical terms. The incredible strength of the porcelain stoneware material guarantees durability for your locations and the terracotta effect will delight the most discerning tastes.

With terracotta effect tiles, a room acquires refinement and a unique beauty. A stylistic choice that bestows an interior design typical of the Italian tradition on any location, thanks to the warmth conveyed by the terracotta effect.

Terracotta effect tiles are exquisitely finished in every detail, such as the number of veins included, which simulate the appearance of real terracotta.

To satisfy all style requirements, there is a choice of various collections:

  • Externa Cotto: a collection specifically for outdoor locations, which provides them with a distinctive beauty. This collection is born where craftsmanship and innovation meet, so its terracotta effect tiles are typically used for paving large terraces overlooking the sea, or the paths of a private garden.
  • Kotto: with their warm shades, this collection’s terracotta effect tiles give the interior a welcoming air with a traditional character but modern design.
  • 99 Volte: this collection’s terracotta effect tiles combine extreme versatility with a tactile texture. Different colours, sizes and decors to meet all style requirements, setting creativity free to give your interiors a unique personality.
  • Acustico 12: with the terracotta effect tiles of the Acustico 12 collection, it will be easy to integrate the material perfectly into the surrounding environment. This collection is ideal for effective construction of very stylish, tough outdoor paths and walkways. In fact, the high thickness of ACUSTICO 12 guarantees excellent strength, making it ideal for use in both indoor and outdoor public spaces. ACUSTICO 12 is easy to install on grass, sand and gravel.

So terracotta effect porcelain stoneware is perfect for outdoor and indoor, public and private locations, and the variety of sizes available within the collections are able to meet all needs. What’s more, the immense elegance this effect confers on every location it covers is truly unique: it will bring refinement and great beauty to your spaces. With terracotta effect floor tiles, the mood will be unique and very classy.


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