Red tiles

Red floor for a modern and bold design

Red floors are the expression of a very striking color, suitable for the most daring personalities who wish to reach beyond neutral shades for furnishing their spaces. After all, this color symbolizes strong emotions such as love and passion, and it evokes the heat and magic of fire. It is said that red tiles are able to release not only positive energy, but also a powerful creative energy into the rooms where they are installed, and so they are believed to be suitable for locations where our ingenuity and imagination are often put to the test. Red coverings therefore invigorate a location, although still with sophisticated design, thanks to the many shades this color offers. Locations which can be rendered more special by red walls, surfaces or floors include living-rooms, metropolitan terraces, showrooms, restaurant and home dining-rooms, bathrooms and many other places.

All Emilgroup collections that offer red tiles are perfect for creating warm lights with modern, innovative design, perfect for generating strong but very attractive contrasts. All interior design solutions, furniture, tables, sanitary fixtures, chairs and armchairs can become protagonists thanks to the warmth generated by a red floor or wall covering. This color is highlighted in particular by white, gray, black and some shades of yellow.

For the beauty of outdoor pavings, Emilgroup offers this astonishing color in brick shade in the Externa Cotto by Emilceramica collection. This paving’s warm nuance gives a pleasant impression of security and comfort. Level Design by Level, in the Corten shade, is perfect for creating worktops, desks and kitchen and bathroom backsplashes and is available in the 162x324 cm size. For internal red floor tiles, an excellent option is the Vulcanika by Provenza, which reinterprets the natural beauty of volcanic stone, available in the Ruggine rusty color. This unusual collection has various types of decors and is produced in the 7.5x30 cm, 10x60 cm, 30x60 cm, 60x120 cm and 60x60 cm sizes.


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