Public space flooring

Industrial floor slab design

Public spaces are locations for the community, the setting for the parts of our daily lives we spend outside our homes. For both elegant and formal and more informal locations, the 54 public space flooring collections by Emilgroup are perfectly suited to all needs. Offices, schools, retail locations, outdoor meeting places, waiting rooms, outdoor dining areas, sports arenas, airports and any type of business open to the public can be improved with functional, aesthetically attractive materials of the highest quality.

A space ready to welcome large numbers of people, and which focuses on shared experiences, must be carefully designed in every detail. Porcelain stoneware for public space floors has beneficial characteristics for spaces where materials are under constant stresses. 

Emilgroup outdoor paving materials have specific technical features suited to the needs of public spaces: porcelain stoneware avoids the most common forms of tile damage, such as scratches, breakages and color fading. For example, it withstands the passage of crowds of feet or the wheels of vehicles, spilt liquids, stains of various kinds, heat and even fire. What’s more, the care and cleaning of large spaces become easier and quicker in terms of both effort and time. 

Collections for industrial floor slab design

Talking about industrial floor slab design we must remember that shapes, colors and graphic effects play a fundamental role in the creation of comfortable, welcoming locations. 

Arabescato, Calacatta and Statuario are the three shades which Emilgroup offers in the Bianco D'Italia by Provenza collection, inspired by the statuary beauty of classical art, which reproduces the magic of Carrara marble. This collection is the right choice, for example, for providing a prestige backdrop to the products in a showroom or boutique, giving both these locations an aristocratic look and eternal beauty.

Outdoor paving tiles inspired by wood and stone, on the other hand, create a more natural style that confers an impression of intimacy and serenity on even the most crowded locations. For example, Stone Project by Ergon is particularly versatile: it is equally effective and attractive in a large shopping center or for creating the right mood in a restful spa – a collection of great inspiration for public space flooring.


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