Porcelain stoneware tiles for public locations of genuine beauty

Good looks and excellent performances for every architectural need

Emilgroup offers 54 unique porcelain stoneware collections suitable for indoor and outdoor public locations. Designed in styles ranging from the contemporary to the classical, Emilgroup collections for public locations meet all needs, to bring aesthetic value to both elegant and more informal contexts. Infinite personalisation potential for public locations, thanks to the vast Emilgroup range of looks and colours. The collections offered are suitable for decorating places such as bars, restaurants, shopping centres, stores and any business open to the public where the sharing of experiences is the central factor. Choose an innovative interior design solution or be more conventional with porcelain stoneware collections that evoke the past with a traditional style. Decorate public places with unique porcelain stoneware colour shades, to give the location exactly the personality you require. Public places, subject to heavier stresses, require a higher efficiency standard from the materials used. With its technical characteristics, Emilgroup porcelain stoneware is able to avoid the most common forms of tile damage, such as scratches, breakages and colour fading.


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