Natural effect tiles

Natural flooring for simple, modern and innovative-tech environments

As the name suggests, natural effect tiles are simple and have authentic colors taken from the world around us. This kind of floorings are intentionally understated and place the focus on the furniture, which becomes the dominant feature in the room, including tables, armchairs, pictures and other design objects. Due to the restrained good taste of natural porcelain stoneware, it can be used both in classical design schemes and in more modern, avantgarde interiors. Natural floor tiles can easily be used to add value to large locations such as dining-rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, showrooms, entertainment venues, restaurants, and outdoor and indoor settings.

However, they are also excellent for covering smaller rooms, which immediately become charming and visually satisfying. The neutral colored tiles offered by Emilgroup always convey a sense of peace and serenity, which pervades spaces and enhances their appeal. This style also generates impressions of lightness, purity and originality.

Here are some of the collections offered by Emilgroup:

  • The natural stone tiles from the catalog of Elegance Pro by Ergon reproduces the effect of the sediments of stone with the highest level of fidelity and accuracy. It is available in seven graduated shades (Anthracite, Dark Grey, Grey, Ivory, Sand, Taupe and White) and in four different finishes to provide the highest degree of compositional freedom and create the trendiest combinations.
  • Woodtouch by Ergon expresses and interprets all the beauty of oak with five different colors (Corda, Fumo, Miele, Paglia and Sbiancato), available in the 20x120 cm, 60x120 cm, 22.5x180 cm and 40x120 cm sizes.
  • W-Age by Provenza re-creates the perfection and beauty of wood so well that it seems to capture its heart and spirit. It does so in two different shades (Heartwood and Ring).
  • The Wood Talk by Ergon collection also celebrates wood and its qualities with its four color shades (Beige Digue, Brown Flax, Grey Pepper and White Smoke), which create a warm, cozy mood.
  • The natural floor coverings of 300 Gradi by Viva evokes the beauty and distinctive characteristics of used and salvaged wood, as if to restore it to new life.



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