Unique look and design with pink tiles

Pink floors: an unexpected trend

Emilceramica’s pink porcelain stoneware tiles are trendy and immediately evoke the Shabby Chic or ‘70s Pop style. Nowadays this nuance of Nordic origin has gained popularity worldwide, becoming a feature of many design choices in the most modern, and sometimes even industrial, projects. Pink floors and wall coverings are a fine compromise between neutral beige and austere gray, they give the room a lovely, fresh, carefree character. 

There are no limits for the use of this shade: living-rooms, kitchens, public and private locations, and indoor and outdoor settings can all be made unique by this shade of timeless beauty. Black, green, brown, dark blue, white, gray, pastel shades and a bright mustard yellow are just some of the possible combinations. In the bathroom, light pink tiles are chic and are easily matched with furniture and sanitary fixtures; even the bathtub can be decorated with tiles in the same shade. In the kitchen, on the other hand, this choice generates a relaxed mood and the impression of a clean, comfortable interior. Pink outdoor flooring creates an intriguing, distinctive design scheme, perfect with white garden furniture. This shiny, gleaming color provides the potential for very fashionable gloss-matt contrasts, in line with contemporary design trends. Medley by Ergon reinterprets pale pink in two concrete variants: Minimal and Tecnica. There are also no fewer than three Venetian Seminato types: Classic, Rock and Pop.


The geometrical patterns offered by this distinctive collection are an evolution of the original principle on which Venetian Seminato was created. The color combinations are unique and unusual, bringing out all the beauty of pink, while retaining all the technical characteristics of porcelain stoneware tiles. The different Venetian Seminato variants in this collection are suitable for a variety of locations and intended uses, making them unique in their category. Reinterpreting pink floor tiles in a contemporary way is the key to designing attractive, classy locations.


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