Porcelain stoneware bathroom tiles

Porcelain stoneware for a high-design bathroom

It is possible, and essential, to make the most of the distinctive features of every room and area. Emilgroup offers a wide selection of bathroom tiles spread across an amazing 62 collections.

Every collection has its own soul and is distinguished from the others by a series of details that make it specifically suitable for creating interiors with attractive, refined design. Succumb to the beauty of sandstone, the natural geometric patterns of marble, the refinement of travertine, the understated appeal of sedimentary stone, the audacity of the metal effect, the strength of Alpine stone, the Provencal style, the mirror effect, the warmth of volcanic stone and many other styles created by Emilgroup.

Bathroom tiles can be combined in original ways to create aesthetically pleasant, functional effects with a relaxing mood. Choose porcelain stoneware bathroom tiles with the most classical style to create an attractive interior with a traditional spirit. Go for contemporary collections if you want to be daring, with high-impact combinations with a clear identity. When choosing bathroom furnishings, tiles become the key feature for highlighting the beauty of the entire interior. So the bathroom is not just a characterless room in your home: with the right choice of coverings, it can become the fulcrum of moments of wellbeing not provided by any other rooms.

Play around with the various combinations, have fun with finishes and alternate the colours and textures offered by Emilgroup bathroom porcelain stoneware. For example, make a small room seem larger and brighter with bathroom tiles in light, elegant shades. Create decoration in your own personal taste without sacrificing quality of materials: better quality always means less maintenance. The Emilgroup bathroom collections offer exquisite finishing and surprising features.

What’s more, it is important to remember that porcelain stoneware is anti-slip and non-absorbent, providing a safer, more easily cleaned surface. Characteristics like these are essential for the bathroom. Caring for the interiors of your home means attention to details, and Emilgroup takes this approach to guarantee customers the widest possible choice for every room in the house.


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