Essential Brick by Ergon

A rigorous and classic elegance combines design, craftsmanship, and technology

Essential Brick is a collection of glazed bricks in 23/8”x97/16” format, available in 6 harmonious colors ranging from neutral shades to light up in intensity of green and blue, up to an expressive and refined black. Creative compositions with artisanal charm come from the combination of bricks with the Arco 3D decoration, characterized by relief lines that further enhance the brightness of the surface.

Perfect for furnishing environments with a modern and decisive character, Essential Brick emphasizes the tactile dimension and the authenticity of an irregular and deliberately imperfect brick. An extraordinary graphic and decorative richness with vibrant shades, made even more vivid and deep by a structure applied to the porcelain stoneware support, reinterprets the unique flavor of the “handmade”, contributing to increase the feeling of movement and brightness of the whole. The surface of Essential Brick is characterized by an irregular finish that makes it particularly soft and pleasant to the touch. Resistant to both stains and chemical agents, it does not require specific treatments and is easily cleanable, making it perfect for commercial and public applications.
Essential Brick - 1000044

Designed in Italy,
produced in US

Sizes and colours

10 mm

23/8"x 91/2"