The Emilgroup porcelain stoneware collections for outdoor locations

The unmistakable elegance of porcelain stoneware for exterior floors

Emilgroup offers an amazing 36 outdoor paving collections, all able to blend ceramic finishes into the beauty of the surrounding environments. Porcelain stoneware for outdoor pavings is definitely the ideal material for open-air places thanks to its technical properties, which guarantee durability, resistance to thermal shock and bad weather, and a higher friction coefficient to prevent unpleasant slips.

There are many varieties to choose from to beautify diverse types of outdoor places and differentiate the various spaces’ intended uses. In fact, Emilgroup outdoor paving tiles are suitable for every public or private outdoor location, such as gardens, terraces, paths and raised pavings.

The poolside area can also be customised with the aid of outdoor paving porcelain stoneware: the Anthology Stone collection is the perfect example of quality and elegance combined with efficacy. This particular collection, by Emilceramica, evokes the beauty of quartzite, a rock which consists mainly of quartz, and in the Dark Grey, Gold Grey or Grey shades it blends perfectly into the area around the pool, adding prestige to its design. The mosaic decors of the Cornerstone by Ergon collection, which reinterprets the beauty of the world’s stones, are particularly suitable for creating a veranda with a timeless appeal and a sophisticated look.

A terrace and its view can be highlighted by choosing a collection of terracotta-effect tiles such as Externa Cotto, with three shades and chiaroscuro effects that generate warm interplays of light, inspiring absolute relaxation and tranquillity. Be astonished by these and many other ranges with textures and colours that can create wonderful combinations at any time of day and in any month of the year.

Exposed to direct sunlight, in the evening, or in any weather and lighting conditions, all Emilgroup outdoor pavings will beautify outdoor spaces, fine locations for carefree socialisation.

Another significant benefit concerns the application of outdoor porcelain stoneware: compared to other materials, outdoor stoneware paving tiles are quick and easy to install, cutting installation costs and times and ensuring the paving is ready for use at once.


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