Size extra: over 120 cm

Extra-large tiles for major projects

Thinking of undertaking a contemporary project that exploits all the potentials of porcelain stoneware? Extra Large tiles will be able to change the perspective of any room, providing an impression of space and refinement. Visual continuity is ensured by the minimisation of the number of joints. Emilgroup offers a product with outstanding performances and a wonderful appearance. Coverings in extra large sizes over 120 cm are extremely versatile, and easy to shape, install and apply thanks to the light weight of porcelain stoneware, which makes cutting them a simple procedure. Even for the most ambitious architectural projects. Extra large size floor tiles are ideal for use indoors or outdoors, on walls or for extra large floors.


Porcelain stoneware has many beneficial characteristics and technical properties, such as its low porosity, which ensures resistance to stains and means any surface can be cleaned more easily and quickly than with many other materials. Maintenance is also easy, and is reduced to a minimum, because porcelain stoneware does not wear easily and resists chipping and scratching. What’s more, in contrast with natural materials, its surface is immune to heat and acids. The wide variety of effects completes the Emilgroup ceramic slab offering, guaranteeing the opportunity for convenient, highly satisfactory decoration of any location. Offices, studios, public spaces, shops and bar and restaurant patios can also be made attractive thanks to the use of extra large size tiles, which make the space seem larger and roomier than it actually is.


In the Elegance Pro by Ergon collection, the beauty of stone is portrayed exactly as in nature, reinterpreted in seven graded shades, available in four different finishes. The Millelegni Remake by Emilceramica collection is different and just as striking: it is inspired by the appearance and classical appeal of wood, but updated for modern taste with four different colour shades that make it a perfect tile for outdoor use.


One of the most interesting extra large size coverings is definitely offered by the Statale 9 by Viva collection, comprising tiles with motifs and details that can redesign a room’s character with creative, avantgarde taste, perfect for young, vibrant locations.


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