Porcelain stoneware countertops

Porcelain slab countertops for your kitchen

Who said porcelain stoneware was only suitable for floors and walls? It’s also the perfect material for kitchen countertops, worktops, tables and doors and for seamlessly covering floors and walls.

Level is the Emilgroup brand that dedicates its collections to marvelous, convenient porcelain slab countertops. It provides guarantees of raw material quality: every detail of these slabs’ production is meticulously controlled throughout the supply chain. Emilgroup’s porcelain slabs are perfect for backsplashes, too, in the largest 160 x 320 cm size. The kitchen countertop is the fulcrum of the room, with many functions, so great care must be taken to give it an attractive finish: many things are placed on it, including the various utensils, and we use it for preparing tasty dishes. Porcelain stoneware’s various technical characteristics are essential for the kitchen countertop: the absence of joints ensures that there are no gaps where dirt can accumulate, and both cleaning and care are immediate and trouble free. What’s more, chips, dents and scratches are rare and easily repaired, since this material is particularly compact and tough. Its immunity to heat and damp, its excellent resistance to various types of stains and non-absorbency, its durability and its resistance to chemicals and acids combine to make surfaces of this type very high-performing and superb quality.

Floors and countertops can be matched to create attractive design effects, ready to impress guests. What’s more, countertop tiles can also be used outdoors, to create attractive locations with a contemporary look. Choosing this type of size provides freedom of expression and design in step with the world’s latest trends: success is assured!

There are various collections with distinctive textures:

  • Level Marmi: with all the beauty of marble for sophisticated countertops in classical taste.
  • Level Stone: with the versatility of the stone effect tiles with a modern appeal.
  • Level Design: with the elegance of porcelain stoneware on every surface.
  • Level Tinta Unita: with the beauty of simplicity to shape refined kitchen backsplash tiles.
  • Level Concrete: with the strong personality of concrete.


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