Brown colour porcelain stoneware tiles: classical, traditional and trendys

Brown porcelain stoneware and all its shades for every requirement

Strongly recalling the earth and wood, brown tiles are amongst the most beautiful and are particularly popular with architects and designers due to their interior design potential. Brown is a classical colour with which it is hard to go wrong, but it is also never monotone or tedious. Brown coverings are restful to our eyes and relaxing to our minds. It is as if we were momentarily in direct contact with nature and its strength.


There are thirty Emilgroup collections including different shades of brown porcelain stoneware ready for use in the most widely varying indoor and outdoor locations: to give tone to a living-room, a mountain cottage, commercial premises, your country-style kitchen, a restaurant, a terrace or a bar or restaurant patio. Brown is a colour that conveys trustworthiness, so it is often used in offices and professional studios. Brown floors and walls are not difficult to combine with each other and with the home’s various furnishings: they look very good with beige, cream, sand colour, pale orange, anthracite grey and wine red, as well as very pale greens and blues. Another distinctive characteristic of brown is its almost magical ability to warm the mood in a room.


Here are some of the many collections available that may inspire you when decorating your home:

  • Architect Resin by Ergon: it interprets brown through the beauty of resin, to create a striking, contemporary atmosphere. It gives you no fewer than 5 types of decors to choose from and comes in various sizes: 30x30 cm, 30x60 cm, 40x80 cm, 60x60 cm and 80x80 cm. If you decide to furnish a refined boutique or a professional studio with a timeless air, this is the right collection for you!
  • No Code by Viva thrills with its various types of designer woods in brown colour. It is perfect for covering walls and floors in the bathroom, bedroom or living room and is available in two sizes, 10x30 cm and 20x120 cm.


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