Light gray tiles

Light gray floors, perfect for bright and versatile places

Light gray floor tiles express a very contemporary color, with shades that recall natural elements such as rock and stone – an example of class end elegance. This color is also classified as a neutral shade and offers scope for audacious combinations of various kinds with many different tones. The key concept is modern minimalism, since this trend is able to reveal all the simple beauty of interiors. While white is a blank canvas waiting to be painted, light gray porcelain stoneware is an exquisite frame to be filled with a few clear distinctive features, it retains all this extraordinary material's technical properties.

Light gray tiles have many intricate shades and tones, all perfectly suited to various architectural and interior design styles. Both domestic and public spaces, indoors and outdoors, acquire a contemporary appeal and a modern spirit if decorated with light gray walls, surfaces, tops or floors. The other shades that combine attractively with this natural color definitely include pink, which helps to create a very classy design scheme, yellow, which enhances its shade variations and luminosity, bright blue and green, which make it playful and suitable for locations like the kitchen, white, which underlines its simple, minimal look, and red and black, perfect for anyone wishing to be daring in their use of color.

The material that highlights gray nuance even more effectively is wood, frequently reinterpreted by Emilgroup due to its distinctive beauty: this combination often creates a very natural simplicity, and is perfect for creating the "shabby chic" style now so fashionable in the design world. Collections that include light gray flooring tiles are perfect for decorating the kitchen of a private home or a public location, an office, a living-room, bedroom or dining-room, a waiting-room, a boutique, or even a bathroom, terrace or garden.

Every light gray floor tile illuminates all the space it inhabits, enhancing the other colors around it and even the furniture (whether dark or light in shade) to create the ideal harmony, reassurance and intensity.


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