Black porcelain stoneware tiles

The scenographic charm of black flooring

There are no fewer than 38 black porcelain stoneware tiles, wall covering and ceramic slab collections among Emilgroup’s collections. That’s the color choice of people with a strong personality, who love emphatic contrasts. Black floor tiles are suitable to many locations: inside the home, they can be installed in the kitchen, bedroom, living-room or bathroom. However, this color must be carefully balanced within rooms because it may make them appear smaller, although its dark shade generates a special energy, conveying vibrations that influence people.

Black floors provide an excellent backdrop for furniture and ornaments. They can be combined with other colors to create original, high-impact interior design solutions. White and different shades of gray combine elegantly with black tiles to provide a refined, contemporary style. Beige, on the other hand, generates a mood of serenity, and the same applies to many other neutral light shades. Large black tiles give depth while small sized ones are ideal to be matched to more colorful tiles to create an old-fashioned effect with a nostalgic beauty.

The total black combination is definitely daring and emphatic. That’s the perfect choice to create an elegant yet striking home, location or interior. Every Emilgroup collection makes the most of this color’s strength and expressive properties. The Black Ink shade in the Stone Box collection by Emilceramica rediscovers black stone, and is perfect for covering the walls or floors of public places, commercial premises, boutiques and offices.

In its matt black shade, the 99 Volte collection by Viva is also perfect for adding value to a veranda, a patio or an elegant garden. Groove by Provenza, on the other hand, is inspired by northern European stone, and in the Mistique Black shade it can create modern interiors of simple beauty in any location. Tele Di Marmo Selection by Emilceramica is a collection as exquisite as a classical artwork, rendered contemporary by the use of contrasts between white and black tiles.



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