White colour porcelain stoneware tiles: gleaming purity for interior design

White porcelain stoneware for elegant and refined environments

White porcelain stoneware embodies all this material’s aesthetic and technical qualities, conveying cleanliness, purity, class and simplicity. White, after all, is no ordinary colour, because it is colourless and highly luminous. It actually contains all existing colours within it. This may be why it is incomparably more versatile than any other colour. Choosing white tiles to decorate an interior will guarantee that it will be light-filled and will seem large and airy. White coverings will also highlight the furniture, making it the central feature in any room. Although colourless, white comes in different shades, which can be used for different purposes and locations depending on their specific characteristics: tiles in cold tones of white are ideal for beautifying your kitchen and bathroom, while softer shades, closer to vanilla, are recommended for places such as the living-room and terrace.


There are different ways of combining white, and in particular there are three innovative design solutions: contrasting with black, a trend which creates elegant, impressive interiors; with wood, for an immediate evocation of rural nature for a relaxing, simple effect; or total white, inspired by the design of the finest Paris apartments.


There are also other fascinating combinations with white tiles: with pastel shades, for the kitchen and also for the bedroom area; with dark blue, inspired by the splendour of the Greek islands; with pink for a chic interior; and with stone or concrete to create a metropolitan mood. White floor and wall tiles perfectly combine simplicity, refinement, fashion and impeccable style, and fit easily into any context, from classical to modern, from indoor to outdoor, from the kitchen to the bathroom, from the office to the apartment, and from an entertainment venue to a showroom. Emilgroup offers white covering in various sizes, finishes and decors.


They include the Nr.21 by Viva collection, which evokes concrete and features a mosaic decor in grey and white. Bianco d’Italia by Provenza underlines the beauty of white through the pure, classical loveliness of Carrara marble.


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