Porcelain stoneware bedroom tiles

Porcelain stoneware wall tiles for your bedroom

The Emilgroup products for bedroom coverings range from the most traditional to the most innovative on the market. Taking care over the choice of tiles for the bedroom, the place in the home where relaxation and intimacy are the absolute top priority, is extremely important to create the mood you are looking for.

The 62 collections offered by Emilgroup provide an array of very different textures pleasant not only to look at but also to touch, to amplify the immersive experience of the Emilgroup collections designed for bedrooms. What’s more, a special focus on the quality of the anti-slip, highly resistant materials guarantees the greater safety and durability of porcelain stoneware ceramic coverings for the bedroom.

This material is well known for its outstanding versatility, a very popular characteristic analysed in detail by Emilgroup.

For example, you can opt for a home in industrial style and highlight the bedroom with the On Square collection, which offers concrete effect tiles in a variety of shades. In fact, the concrete effect is ideal for creating interiors with a strong yet minimalist character. The marble effect bedroom tiles of the Tele di Marmo, Tele di Marmo Selection, Tele Di Marmo Revolution, Tele Di Marmo Reloaded and Level Marmi collections are a daring and elegant choice, excellent in combination with furniture in white, walnut or taupe colours, or in a metal effect. Wood effect tiles are a great, timeless classic: a bedroom with tiles of this type has an undeniable beauty. With the Sleekwood and 20Twenty collections Emilgroup proposes two different types of and approaches to the wood effect; the different sizes and colours can easily satisfy many people’s tastes and adapt to a wide variety of furnishing choices.

Whatever type of covering you choose, alternating shapes and colour shades is the best option for amazing with original effects. One little trick, for example, is to place porcelain stoneware tiles on the part of the wall behind the bed, to create a bedhead with distinctive geometric forms, textures and grain. It is also very important to create an interior that is well coordinated, relaxing and satisfying for our senses.


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