Bologna Business School: Company Visit to Emilgroup

On May 7, 2024 the Emilgroup headquarters in Fiorano Modenese opened its doors to students from the University Master in Digital Marketing and Communication at Bologna Business School. The students had the opportunity to spend a day inside the company, to discover not only the production process but also the creative process; the strategic and design assets that are the foundation of the brand’s success.

The students enrolled in the Digital Strategy and Social Media Marketing course visited the production plant and the showrooms, showcasing the latest innovations and classic collection, that have marked the success of the company.

The students were taken on a journey to the heart of Emilgroup, to explore beyond the surface of the tiles: the communication strategies, the social approach and the channels managed, the profession of digital marketing and all the involved professional roles.

This productive dialogue between company and education establishes a connection between heritage and future vision - an aspect in which Emilgroup has always invested.

28 mai 2024