A modern and elegant bathroom thanks to concrete-effect tiles

Relaxation, clean visuals, neatness. If you like to find these sensations waiting for you when you open your bathroom door, you should seriously consider concrete-effect tiles. It is a choice dedicated to visual and textural minimalism, while at the same time rich in personality and refinement. Unexpected, original, and absolutely on-trend. While the minimalist, industrial style for which this material is standard bearer has conquered the living areas and loft apartments most sensitive to design trends, in the bathroom it retains the cutting-edge character of the most audacious solutions. It is a winning move for creating an urban environment in which to bring out all the evocative power of concrete. On the one hand its solidity and composure, on the other the strong architectural and design aptitude of the material. Concrete-effect bathroom tiles are synonymous with modernity and elegance, adherence to contemporary, refined taste, which finds new expressive outlets in a dynamic environment such as the bathroom. Think of the contrast between the steadfastness of the material and the flowing water – a dialogue of great conceptual impact which lends the space an elemental, harmonious mood of relaxation. The enormous aesthetic offering of cutting-edge porcelain stoneware and the extensive possible combinations between floors, walls, cladding, furniture, and finishes create a varied and dynamic design space, which molds the strength of concrete to the requirements of any stylistic desire.

How to choose the right concrete-effect bathroom tiles

When we think about imitation concrete bathroom tiles, this doesn’t mean a cold, homogeneous finish by any means. Today, thanks to cutting-edge porcelain stoneware technology, it is possible to choose from an enormous range of different colors, subtones, formats and finishes. With porcelain stoneware tiles’ technical performance a given – in terms of impact and wear resistance, as well as resistance to chemical agents, combined with their non-slip properties, ease of cleaning, and lack of absorption, all essential elements for coverings which are not only beautiful but also functional, above all in the bathroom – this material offers the widest imaginable range of design and aesthetic possibilities.
If you think that the classic poured concrete is the standard of reference, Totalook by Emilceramica is ready to mix things up. This collection offers a creative arsenal of finishes and claddings to bring to life original designs made of mixtures and combinations of materials, always in perfect technical and aesthetic balance. The minimalist, metropolitan style is blended with resins and brick in bright color palettes with iridescent surfaces. From more neutral tones ranging from Bianco to Anthracite, right up to the color intensity of Blu Avio, each color is available in different formats and finishes: the refined linearity of Dolcelinea, the volumetric stamp of Incroci, to compositions of Majolica Matt and Lux – ideal for bringing iridescence and contemporary character into porcelain stoneware majolica tiles for the bathroom.

Porcelain stoneware for concrete-effect showers, the formats to use

Shower walls are a stimulating design opportunity in which to breathe new life into the creative energy of concrete. We can choose porcelain stoneware tiles for the shower walls which are a different color from the floor and other walls, play with color contrasts, and experiment with different finishes – the harmony with the shower glass is an aspect to take into consideration, as it can offer interesting textural contrasts in terms of light and reflections.
A tip for choosing more suitable porcelain stoneware shower tiles is to consider large formats. The large surface area of the tiles decreases the amount of grout joints, making the entirety easier to clean and increasing the realism of the surfaces. The effect of a continuous, uninterrupted “pour” behind the shower glass creates visual cleanliness, neatness, solidity – minimalist pleasure.
If you are looking for large concrete-effect slabs for the bathroom, Level Concrete by Level is perfect for you. This collection celebrates the power of large ceramic slabs with a pronounced architectural inspiration. The available formats are 160 x 320 cm and 162 x 324 cm, designed to convey all the charm to the surfaces without interruptions. These large-format concrete-effect porcelain stoneware tiles are suitable both for floors and walls, as well as specific uses such as backsplashes, countertops and shower walls. The four color variations – White, Ash, Taupe and Dark Grey – guarantee expressive freedom in an extremely contemporary stylistic setting.

Imitation concrete walls, tips for bathrooms

The aesthetic possibilities of imitation concrete stoneware bathroom tiles offer continuous new opportunities for a modern, elegant environment in which to enjoy moments of relaxation; the philosophy of “less is more” offering expressive power, a clean, minimalist, harmonious look. For a surface which provides these sensations 100%, carefully considering the formats and color combinations is an important step in the design process. Among the most recent design trends, in keeping with a faithful and authentic reproduction of the original material, we recommend choosing porcelain stoneware tiles to cover the walls right up to the ceiling. While stopping the tiles at around 2/3 height was the most common solution as recently as a couple of years ago, extending the tiles to the ceiling is a more contemporary choice which better recreates the natural effect of poured concrete. As regards the color combinations, you can experiment by bringing in more vibrant tones, breaking up the industrial consistency with the strength of a bold color on a wall, the backsplash or vanity top, playing with the textures and finishes.
You will find everything necessary in the Re-Play Concrete by Provenza catalog. This collection, inspired by industrial architecture, embodies the infinite tendencies of concrete. An enormous range of finishes, colors, and formats to compose a cutting-edge design perimeter. New inspirations, new creative possibilities. An excellent base for creating industrial effect bathroom floors with a touch of eclecticism. The six color variants are available in three different versions: Recupero, dedicated to the roughness of the distressed effect; the construction site inspiration of Cassaforma Flat with board marked surface patterning; the interlocking graphics of Cassaforma 3D, to explore new volumetric interplays.
The charm of concrete is inexhaustible, ideal for covering every space with the durable and reliable design potential of the toughest material there is.



19 October 2022


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