All the secrets to make your premises an Instagrammable spot

What is needed for an Instagrammable interior design? What does this mean exactly? The current trend in commercial environments and space is for the customer, besides being given excellent service, to be immersed in an experience which begins with the visual aspects of the room. More and more premises are being transformed into Instagrammable places and an increasing number of shops are recounting their history and their world through storytelling that passes through the location itself, by means of colors, patterns and tastes that express their personality in a unique and definitive way. The value of photographs become more important because they need to be posted on social media: this is why the trend of owners of commercial spaces is to attract customers who feel the desire to take pictures of their choice of furnishings and design. This stimulates participation: whoever sees pictures of a particularly chic or eccentric place on the Internet may want to visit this place, replicating the images and sharing them on social media. In this way, the space not only reflects our taste but it also generates a cascade of free publicity, which brings in potential customers and helps spread our identity. That being said, how is an environment with these characteristics created? Let’s learn more about the tactics and examples that will help transform your premises into a perfect Instagrammable spot.  

The must-have design elements for an original shot

Strobe lights, bright colors, neon signs: these are all eccentric elements that will surely attract attention, but much less is needed to make your shop Instagrammable. The starting point is an idea, which can be based on the owner’s personal taste or on the decorators intuition. It’s important that this idea attracts customers, but even more importantly that it reflects the desire to tell your story. In this regard, all the colors and suggestions that come to mind are needed. Let’s take this unique ice cream shop as an example, which was established in the heart of Murcia, in southern Spain. The soft colors in this shop have been fused with the irreverent Medley by Ergon patterns, the collection that with its Venetian Terrazzo Battuto style revisits tradition, outlining a versatile and malleable design with a strong personality. Thanks to this attention and to the intuition of Medley by Ergon, the Lemon Studio was able to create a refined and captivating space where the perfect picture can be taken! This original ice cream shop has all the fundamental elements of a good Instagrammable interior design: above all it projects a clear and recognizable identity every time it is seen; the construction of surfaces such as walls and counters that encourage people to take pictures and share their experience; and finally, lighting that expresses the environment and gives each photo the correct amount of light.

The best coverings to make a shop Instagrammable

A prerequisite for an engaging place is that it makes customers want to take as many pictures as possible: for this, there are many elements from the ceiling to the walls, and from the floor to the lighting which can be the center of attention for the visitors and their photos. Finding the coverings that best express the identity of the premises is however what holds everything together. The colors, the furnishings and the patterns are the basis of environments that are not only beautiful and unique, but are also rich in defined personality. Katzefet, established in the beautiful city of Jerusalem, is an ice cream shop whose identity shines through all its details, details that were made possible thanks to the Medley by Ergon collection. When trying to transform an ordinary and common space - a very normal ice cream shop - into an Instagrammable shop, the Taga Studio had to revise the classical lines to be more contemporary in a collection of tiles that allowed it to express itself better. The bright colors and suggestive spaces were projected onto the flooring, where the porcelain stoneware tiles were able to best convey the shop’s highly eccentric imprint, without however risking to become excessive or loud. Porcelain stoneware, like many of the best coverings, offers advantages that relate not only to material safety and practicality of use, but also to it’s extreme versatility, which can easily become the foundation on which you build your own suggestive place. It’s impossible not to want to go take a selfie. 

The not-to-be-missed selfie wall

Different areas in the shop can be made into a “selfie wall”. Many transform a wall in their shop into a point where your logo and a characteristic symbol can be inserted - such as angel wings, a crown, a mascot - in order to get customers involved and encourage them to share a photo on social media. But it doesn’t have to be an entire wall, with the risk of interrupting the continuity of the environment. One choice that is slowly gaining traction is to maintain the personality of the rest of the shop. In this way our Instagrammable backdrop wall can become the heart of the shop’s complete story. Pigmento by Ergon is a practical example of this, which is a collection of neutral colors and easily adapts to any commercial space, but which offers sudden chromatic suggestions perfect for being applied to walls: in this manner large tiles can be put onto the walls of your shop with jungle themes or a lush nature theme, in a strong perspective of embellishment that however does not abandon the minimalism of neutral colors. The inspired cement resin slabs create a series of nuances available in nine tones for an inordinate number of design combinations. A unique and eccentric space can be created with the Eden, Carioca, Peonia and Pop Art patterns. Instagrammable places can therefore be created but without the risk of disrupting the harmony of the shop.

A flooring so beautiful that you have to take a picture of it

Among the possible paths to follow in order to get customers involved in an experience that is visually gratifying is taking care of the details. The walls and lights are, without a doubt, essential for developing a coherent and identifying narration, but one fundamental element that is often overlooked is one of the most important: the flooring. In fact, this is the perfect canvas to continue the dialog with the rest of the environment, and porcelain stoneware is the best choice due to its practicality and resistance. Within the perfect Instagrammable place, the proper importance must be given to the area where our customers will move around, ensuring resistance and durability. With a collection like Abacus by Ergon, for example, coverings with novel colors and finishes can be created. The new 7.5 x 20 cm size porcelain stoneware brick lets you indulge yourself with the combinations of the 9 shades that help create cheerful and reassuring spaces. Not just selfies standing in front of the colorful and suggestive walls that Abacus by Ergon provides thanks to the majolica influences, but also photos of your steps on an elegant and refined flooring that will make your customers think: “this is a perfect example of an Instagrammable interior design.”

04 April 2023


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