Beige porcelain stoneware tiles: style and elegance

Are you looking for a neutral color which conveys warmth and personality at the same time? Then beige porcelain stoneware tiles are the best solution – the unrobed elegance and delicacy of any stylistic superstructure. Any environment becomes welcoming, familiar, with an authentic sensation of simplicity and wellbeing. With the set taste of beige colored tiles, the essence of nature pervades the environments, thanks to the chromatic reference to the earth, an all-encompassing, authentic atmosphere which is able to relax the eyes and mind of those who reside in the space.
The promise of harmonious day-to-day living, which starts out from the color balance to reach deeper locations: beige porcelain stoneware tiles are the ideal solution for those who tend towards a classic choice for walls and floors, without giving up on design; soft colors, capable of instilling a dialog with the widest range of styles. From the modern to the contemporary to the classic, from Mediterranean style to shabby chic.
Their total versatility is the real strength of beige porcelain stoneware tiles. It is a color which adapts to the warm and cool subtones of the other furnishings, combining with both neutral shades and bolder colors with extreme ease, and easily slips into design projects of any and all styles. Thanks to their exceptional technical characteristics and the thorough design and manufacturing process, beige porcelain tiles are able to bring the authentic look of the materials and finishes to walls and floors: from the knots of the most sought-after wood species to the veining of the most spectacular marble, from the sedimentation of stone to the solidity of concrete. Beige porcelain tiles will leave you truly spoiled for choice!

Beige porcelain stoneware tiles for outdoor areas

A space dressed in beige tones lends a feeling of naturalness, peace and tranquility. A sense of family, of enveloping warmth – both inside the home and outdoors. These enviable sensations are due to the growing trend of choosing beige porcelain stoneware outdoor tiles. This neutral shade is inspired by the colors of nature, and for this reason applications in outdoor spaces are always high-impact and well suited, creating installations perfectly balanced between the urban and natural environments. Beige porcelain stoneware outdoor tiles faithfully interpret the look of stone slabs, poured concrete, and wooden planks. Materials which are excellent for paving balconies and terraces, paths and walkways, and commercial and industrial flooring. Thanks to their excellent technical characteristics, beige outdoor tiles are not affected by heavy loads and stresses: they are incredibly resistant to wear and damage.
The only thing to worry about is choosing the solution which best suits your needs and style. If you are in search of surfaces able to combine aesthetic appeal and technical performance, Elegance Pro by Ergon is the choice for you. This collection is a classy, refined expression of every facet of sandstone. The extensive catalog is the outcome of research work into this stone’s most authentic impressions – from its tactile sensations to the soft patterning of its sedimentation – which has yielded a product of genuinely contemporary design. Elegance Pro is available in seven color variants of neutral tones and different temperatures of beige (Taupe, Sand, Ivory) and four different finishes, constantly expanding the range of design potential. What’s more, the Shield technology guarantees the beige outdoor porcelain stoneware tiles lasting antimicrobial protection.

Design tips: beige porcelain stoneware for terraces

Terraces are a design environment full of possibilities, a hybrid space between the welcome of the domestic walls and the unpredictability of the outside world. It is a stimulating playing field for the world of interior design, a space which is ever-increasingly desirable and popular in residential projects. Choosing beige flooring allows designers to create an environment (with continuity from the interior of the house, or in an unexpected contrast) designed to be lived in a harmonious and carefree manner. The ritual pleasure of the first coffee in the morning, a party with close friends, a romantic summer dinner – beige is the perfect background for convivial, relaxing and peaceful situations. A beige porcelain stoneware terrace conveys uniquely warm and familiar sensations which cannot be replicated. Combinations with the furnishings and other types of covering are easily achieved and full of possibilities. A good example is the elemental dialogue between wood and stone – natural materials which find totally contemporary applications in outdoor environments. If, on the other hand, you desire a touch of eclecticism, combining copper and concrete elements is extremely on-trend and packed with personality.
When we talk about the most suitable flooring materials for terraces, we mustn’t neglect the performance of the material. As well as the long-term durability and ease of installation, the porcelain stoneware manufacturing process allows the creation of tiles which are resistant to thermal shock and the elements, as well as being virtually non-absorbent and resistant to frost. Beige brings all the ingredients – both aesthetic and technical – into play to allow the creation of a terrace which has nothing to fear from the passage of the seasons or changes in design trends.

How to coordinate beige porcelain stoneware with the style of living areas

Beige is a winning hand which can be played in environments with the widest range of styles. It can be used for a shabby chic background, in the veining of a Scandinavian wall or in traditional flooring, or in a stone surface in perfectly minimalist style. From the contemporary vocation of glossy beige porcelain stoneware tiles to the most matte finish, from semi-polished to brushed, in a thousand different tactile and visual possibilities. There are many materials in which beige tiles can fully express their potential. As regards combinations, thanks precisely to its relaxing and neutral nature, beige goes well with shades of the same color intensity, such as cream, dove grey and sand. Combining neutral colors is a stylish and simplistic classic which is always elegant. The recommendation in this case is to look for harmony in the color temperatures: combining a warm color with a cool one makes it difficult to achieve a balanced result, and for this reason particularly cold grays and ice white shades are to be avoided. As regards bolder colors, beige tiles combine with shades of green and blue – aquamarine, Prussian blue, petroleum blue – for modern and refined contrasts, sensitive to the most enterprising design tastes.
Unique Travertine by Provenza is dedicated to the marriage of the classic and the contemporary. This collection is inspired by the textural power of travertine, in a range of solutions which evoke the charm of the most popular finishes with surprising authenticity. A neutral color palette in terms of shades (White, Silver, Cream, Chocolate), and ambitious in the design opportunities. The Vein Cut version is particularly high impact, recreating the mellow undulation typical of beige marble-effect porcelain stoneware tiles with veining. An example of the color versatility of beige, brought within the perimeter of the most on-trend design thanks to porcelain stoneware tiles.


27 July 2022


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