Colorful floors: how to give style and personality to a house

Colorful floors: how to give style and personality to a house

As soon as you enter a room, what immediately strikes you is the atmosphere – the air, the mood. Color is the main component of a room’s atmosphere, the characteristic which carries us from one style to another in the blink of an eye, conveying the sensibilities and design character.
Colorful floors immediately provide the stylistic reference for furnishing a room, representing the base on which not only the furniture rests, but also the entire interior design project. In setting the tone for the style idea we wish to pursue, choosing the most suitable colored tiles is a key step. We have an entire palette of possibilities at our disposal, thanks to the ever-more refined and detailed solutions offered by porcelain stoneware. From solid colors which run the entire color gamut, in the widest range of tones and nuances, right through to resin-, concrete- and clay-effect colored tiles – every material interprets color in its own way, offering a range of aesthetic possibilities suitable for every environment and any style.
Let’s take a closer look at some of the best solutions for bringing personality and character to the entire environment through colorful floors, using the most on-trend nuances.

Colored floors for indoor environments

The personality of a room starts out with the color of its floor. Amongst the new interior design trends, colors are one of the things which really stand out. From the boldest to the most tepid tones, right through to pastel colors and warm undertones, colored tiles convey personality and character in any room.
In order to begin designing indoor spaces with an eye on chromatic harmony, an excellent starting point is to look at contrasts: colored floors in light tones and darker tones or wooden furniture for a bright and refined atmosphere; darker colored floors, on the other hand, bring out lighter furniture elements (very elegant on neutral grey and beige tones) for a sophisticated and audacious effect.
As a general rule, for the living area we recommend choosing warmer tones which convey passion and energy, while in bedrooms colored tiles in colder tones are better suited to relaxing atmospheres, providing visual rest as well.
When we talk about colorful interior floors, we should point out that we are not referring just to solid colors – quite the contrary, in fact. Thanks to Emilgroup’s solutions, colored tiles are available in terracotta-effect, stone-effect, clay-effect tiles – all thanks to the company’s research which brings color to the most popular materials and finishes.
Sixty by Emilceramica is the perfect example of this. It is the collection which celebrates the group’s sixtieth anniversary through a collection of colored tiles which highlight the nuances and evocative power of clay – the raw material with which the entire ceramic artform began. Sixty reflects the material and intimate dimension of clay: its form, its lines, its color, the interplay of light on its surfaces. And it is precisely the color variations – one for each decade of the group’s activities – which play the main role in this collection, from the Fango color of the 1970s to last year’s Sabbia.

Colored tiles in the kitchen for a touch of personality

The kitchen is the ideal place for experimentation, to let yourself be carried away by original suggestions and try out new tastes. One of the key ingredients of a stylish and characterful kitchen is the use of color. Colored tiles in the kitchen are an increasingly popular choice to give a touch of personality to a lively environment, where food becomes the preparation and celebration of creativity.
One of the most popular solutions for a kitchen with colored tiles, with a cutting-edge aesthetic appearance, is dark kitchen cabinets contrasting with lighter tones. A high-impact choice is the effect provided by using furniture in shades of gray or industrial style combined with colored tiles for a kitchen with a strong yet harmonious taste. From bolder colors – light blue tiles on wall compositions with neutral wood tones is very on-trend – right through to textural and resin coverings, colorful kitchen tiles offer a range of design possibilities which we have only begun to explore.
The perfect ingredient to begin this exploration is TotaLook by Emilceramica. It is the collection which, on the solid foundations of technical expertise and design, brings the world of resin into refined and contemporary spaces. Harmonious combinations of light and material, with more than a nod to technical excellence, the collection revolves around five dominant colors (Bianco, Sabbia, Grigio, Antracite and Blu Avio) in three different decorations: Dolcelinea, Incroci, Majolica in Matt and Lux finishes – an entire palette of solutions, surfaces and looks for a kitchen with colored tiles which is able to enhance any stylistic taste.

Bathrooms with colored tiles: how to choose the right ones

For some time now there has been a widespread belief that colored bathroom tiles were not a good stylistic choice, and that light and neutral tones were preferable. Today, however, style takes in the entire color palette, in all areas of the home, and colored tiles in the bathroom are becoming one of the most popular and on-trend solutions in this area. By combining the tiles, sanitary fixtures and other furnishings, it is possible to create a bathroom with colored tiles with a strong identity, yet which is still extremely refined.
It is important to have a clear view of the design idea you wish to pursue: whether to choose a single wall or the floor for a bold color to provide a stylish look, or else follow a chromatic path for the environment which takes in different tones, from the intense to the more neutral.
In this interplay of equilibria, the most popular colored bathroom tiles include the warm undertones of concrete and the colorful decorations of cement tiles and majolica – a timeless tradition which combines dynamism and class.
This is the intention of Be-Square by Emilceramica, a celebration of the purest and most intimate dimension of concrete. The collection features four color variants (Black, Concrete, Ivory and Sand), and incorporates a rich decor, which is ideal for adding colored bathroom tiles to your design. These include nine decorated cement tiles and two-color majolica tiles in 20 x 20 cm format, with the widest range of designs to explore. Completing the offering is the Caleido mosaic tile, an expansion of shades and three-dimensional features.

Colored hexagon tiles

Color in a room is synonymous with personality and character. When colored tiles meet a taste for form, the effect is amplified into a perception which crosses all design parameters and outputs a global dimension of taste and refinement. One form especially is particularly on-trend and versatile: colored hexagon tiles are a shape which allows for a high-impact, visually rich surface.
If you want to be inspired by the design possibilities of colored hexagon tiles, an excellent choice is to draw on the iconic Sixty collection. The purest expression of the ancient beauty of clay, these tiles are available in all color variants (Antracite, Cenere, Cielo, Fango, Salvia, Sabbia and Talco) in Esagona hexagonal format, as well as in the Timbro version for an intense volumetric effect on the tile’s surface.
These colored hexagon tiles are the perfect demonstration of how the oldest ceramic traditions can be enriched with new tones and impress themselves on the modern boundaries of design.

22 July 2022


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