Conti Thun Wine Resort: interview with the architect

The Conti Thun Wine Resort is a marvellous boutique winery in the setting of Lake Garda. The Arch. Itta Wackernell Thun & Project Team design firm chose the Elegance Pro, RePlay Concrete and On Square collections for both the interior and exterior spaces of this project.
Thanks to its ability to surprise and amaze, the project won the Prestige category of the Emilgroup Project Awards 2023.
At the awards ceremony, we had the opportunity to interview the architects, who designed this structure.

How does it feel to have been awarded among hundreds of architecture and interior design projects?

I must say that it is a source of great pride to be awarded within an important and international group such as yours that is rewarding the collaboration of excellence of designers, skilled workers of different type, the fundamental figures that then determine what a construction site is. You are rewarding good work, the end result, what requires even a bit of foresight. Certainly, the basis of everything is to have an excellent product with just the right versatility that then has to be applied to create spaces that can meet the demands.

What led you to select our collections for your project?

We selected your products for the perfect price-quality combination. After all, the balance between these two values is very important.
It was very important for us to have the constant participation of the supply managers, who followed the construction site step by step on a daily basis, even during the pre-work phase under their own responsibility. The project brought us a lot of satisfaction and we ended up with friends. We must share the result with these friends.

What did you most appreciate about our collections?

The quality of the product is undisputed. The process worked very well and on site all workings were carried out with care and on time. This is very important because if time is lost the work chain is severely affected and so are costs. So welcome companies and suppliers able to manage these aspects.
Your products impressed us and led us to their selection precisely because of the textural finish - which is a fundamental aspect for us - and for the three-dimensionality that for our project - a wine resort - was fundamental. It was important for us to put rough, tactical materials within spaces: they would have conveyed nature within the living spaces.
For this reason you have impressed us a lot and we are largely satisfied with what has been supplied and with your technical advice.

How do you see the use of ceramics in future interior design?

I think porcelain stoneware is one of the most advanced materials and already well established in the industry. Certainly, there are still extreme limits to be explored, in the thicknesses and weights where these porcelain stoneware tiles can then be applied and installed. A dream to be achieved would be the application of stoneware on curved surfaces: a great challenge of technology that would make it possible to undulate and shape this material which is already fantastic and would give rise to infinite design possibilities.

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29 February 2024


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