Green floors: a piece of nature inside your home

The urban and the natural share a complex relationship. Two voices comparing notes on the ecological transition at times clash in the theatre of the Anthropocene; an ancient dialogue, made up of territory and material, which is renewed and strengthened in the interior design space – a space of green floors. It is a growing trend, which is able to combine green attitudes and contemporary design language. Green tiles are a very current and characterful choice, a chance to bring a piece of nature into the home. A floor which becomes a lawn, a symbolic link with the surrounding world, an exchange between equals – the indoors and outdoors – which creates a new idea of space, where dialogue with the environment becomes a value-based priority.
Choosing green floors and surfaces means giving rooms a strong evocative charge, a look and feel which conveys the calm and relaxation typical of immersing oneself in the nature of an unspoiled location, far from the traffic and chaos of the city. This color conveys comfort and energy at the same time, a versatile and profound wellbeing, the color of hope in all its nuances. Finding the right one for every environment (and the relative combinations) means finding the key to bringing the conceptual and design freedom of nature into your house.

How to combine green floors with furniture

It is probably not the first color which comes to mind when you are looking for a new design idea, yet green floors provide eclectic expressive opportunities for the designer. As well as the unique sensation of freedom and comfort it is able to convey to living spaces, this shade stands out due to a question of temperature: mixing blue and yellow means that green inherits both warm and cool subtones, in a perfect balance which is highly versatile when it comes to combinations.
An option which expresses great personality is green marble-effect floors, to be combined with neutral or bright colors, or to other marble surfaces in traditional colors to create an opulent and sophisticated environment. Level Marmi by Level offers a wide-ranging spectrum of solutions. The collection features fully 24 different versions, 24 creative points of view of marble in 160x320 cm and 162x324 cm large formats. A catalog which takes on the expressive value of an art book, surfaces which become masterpieces of design. The chosen stone of sculptors and architects, with a timeless charm, it is a raw material with unmatched versatility: Agata Blu, Calacatta Black, Statuario Michelangelo, White Siena. Among the solutions offered in the Level catalog, Onyx Green in particular stands out: the three-dimensional opalescence, the audacious veining, the sparkling emerald color which strikes you with every glance.

Green tiles for the kitchen: here are the best formats

The floors provide precious sensations to the kitchen, in perfect dialogue with the act of preparing the food. An ancient, altruistic and highly creative gesture. Authenticity, naturalness, genuineness – these are the main ingredients of green kitchen tiles. Ideal for cladding a vital and harmonious environment, and also for defining specific zones in contrast with more neutral and traditional colors. For example, a backsplash clad with emerald green tiles, an island or an area of flooring under the table. Not only large sizes, but also brick formats, decorative tiles. The possibilities are many and varied. In order to design a kitchen where the users experience the perceptions of nature, the Sixty by Emilceramica catalog contains all the necessary ingredients. The collection celebrates the first 60 years of Emilgroup, highlighting the authenticity and simplicity of the material in its purest, natural form: clay. A return to origins, to the essential. The ceramic artform, bared of any stylistic superstructure in order to convey all the intrinsic evocative power, bare earth. This range explores the trends of the past like a time machine of interior design: for every decade, it identifies a dominant color. It starts off with Fango from the 1960s, through to the present-day Sabbia, through the Salvia green shade of the legendary 1980s: the charm of nature meets color and eclecticism. The collection expresses simplicity of inspiration and a great abundance of design possibilities: mosaic tiles, brick formats, hexagon tiles and three-dimensional finishes, a plurality of shapes and formats to give life to any creative thought.

Green tiles in the bathroom and the “Zen” effect

The bathroom is the ideal place to bring nature and wellbeing together. Green bathroom tiles are able to lend a room a feeling of immediate calm, a Zen oasis in which to relax and reinvigorate yourself at the same time. When we talk about natural shades we should remember that the range of esthetic possibilities is large: from solid colors to painted wood, from marble to resin, expressed in an unbounded assortment of textures and finishes, mosaics and decorations.
In order to bring the natural beauty of green into the bathroom, we can choose wall tiles or just shower tiles, opt for a strip of majolica ware above the basin, or run a decorative row along the entire wall at two thirds of its height. These solutions satisfy any design requirement, for a space offering total wellbeing and freedom, where you can write your own rules without restrictions.

Light or dark green: all the nuances of green for a home’s flooring

The delicate brightness of light green tiles, the resolute character of darker shades, or the mineral splendor of emerald green tiles? Let’s take a detailed look at the most popular on-trend shades and the winning combinations for a harmonious color which still takes a leading role, setting up dialog with the furnishings – a high-design green.
Dark green tiles are elegant and refined, with a scenic impact without ever being invasive. The surfaces and combined furnishings should tend in this case towards light, contrasting colors, such as white, grey and the refined pearl. An excellent choice is to combine with materials from nature, in an elemental and conceptual dialogue of great refinement and evocative force. Think about the nuances of the woods with woody knots, the roughness of the rocks. Nature is an inexhaustible inspiration in terms of its shapes, colors and materials.
Light green tiles are the ideal design choice to increase the lightness of the environment, to be combined with white and beige in a traditional space, or shades of light gray in more modern ones. Sone shades of pink and violet have a strong esthetic impact when combined with darker shades. If audaciousness is one of your design goals, Medley by Ergon will be a fountain of inspiration. This collection is fed by the geometric compositions typical of Venetian Terrazzo, to bring new architectural compositions to life: Classic, Pop, Rock – the soundtrack best suited to every design idea. Six color variations to explore new design soundtracks, lively, exuberant, outside the box, like the pink flakes immersed in the Green variant. Sincere fusions, the beauty of nature always takes on new forms.

24 August 2022


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