How to choose patio tiles

Inhabitation is an ancient art, which evolves by adopting the habits and requirements of contemporary day-to-day living. Having an outdoor space outside the house’s walls yet within the area we call home has become a priority in the design of living solutions. This has therefore led to an ever-wider range of patio tiles becoming available, a focus which combines aesthetic and technical aspects.
This re-evaluation of terraces and balconies is due primarily to two factors: on the one hand, the limitations caused by the pandemic have rewritten the rules of the game and have led people to rediscover the importance of wellbeing in their private spaces and an exterior outlet; on the other hand, the ecological transition and increased focus on green issues are leading designers to prioritize green areas – outdoor spaces where we can have some contact with the environment in our day-to-day lives and bring a little bit of nature into our homes.
For these reasons, and to remain faithful to these purposes, the choice of patio tiles is key. So let’s take a look at some tips and tricks for a winning design, and see some of the most on-trend solutions at the moment.

Outdoor tiles: how to choose porcelain stoneware floor tiles for terraces

Outdoor tiles present a design challenge in which porcelain stoneware is the main ally of every designer. The decisive factor is their unmatched combination of technical excellence and expressive potential. Emilgroup’s solutions, in particular, combine the best performance (resistance to wear and foot traffic, to the elements and the most severe thermal shocks), with the most on-trend aesthetic expressions.
A tip for choosing patio tiles is to start indoors. Contemporary taste focuses precisely on the relationship between the indoor and outdoor environment, with the goal of continuity which contributes to making the outdoor space domestic and ours, too. Thanks to cutting-edge ceramics technology, there is a wide and varied range of patio tiles available in the most popular materials and finishes. Wood, stone, concrete. Thanks to porcelain stoneware for balconies, all design ideas can become reality. If the effect you are looking for is stone above all else, Unique Travertine by Provenza is a great inspiration. This collection is an ode to the textural power of travertine – cut blocks of the most refined taste for use in high-impact, contemporary solutions. Beauty and performance, versatility and solidity. The four dominant tones, elegant and delicate, are available in four different finishes. A multiplication of the expressive potential: from the delicate direction of Vein Cut to the spectacular three-dimensional nature of Ruled. A range of elements designed to lend shape to our idea of open space.

Decorating outdoor areas with garden tiles

The aesthetic caliber of porcelain stoneware patio tiles has transformed a functional surface into a genuine element of furnishing. Outdoor walkways, gardens and verandas, balconies and terraces. Stoneware is an excellent choice not only for flooring, but also for exterior wall tiles and decorative surfaces. Imagine a luxuriant garden, for instance, in communication with the green elements and flowering plants. Adding stone-effect garden tiles can have a strong chromatic and textural impact. It is a choice with strongly traditional leanings, and yet at the same time entirely in keeping with minimalist requirements. We’ll take the Oros Stone by Ergon range as an example. This collection pays homage to the heritage of Greek quartzite in all its design and evocative value. The primary characteristic element is light, expressed in the minute detail of the glints and in the reflection of the microcrystals on the rough surface. The six colorations ranging from white to anthracite provide great inspiration for choosing deck tiles; the wide selection of decors promises freedom of design and wide-ranging interplays of light.

A patio with porcelain stoneware tiles: elegance first and foremost

Bringing elegance to the outdoors is the aim of porcelain stoneware patio tiles. A prerogative not only of the most refined rooms, but a way to think of and experience the space in its entirety. The patio is the perfect location to spend moments of total relaxation, in peace with your senses and with nature while reserving plenty of room for socializing: an outdoor morning coffee, dinner under the stars, a sundowner. Choosing tiles for outdoor areas means choosing where to set these moments, which emotional and color temperature to dress your everyday outdoor moments in.

Elegance is the fundamental raw material. A solution for bringing not only sophistication, but also the warmth of the home to the outdoors, is wood effect porcelain stoneware patio tiles. Millelegni Remake by Emilceramica offers refined solutions with a catalog inspired by the most popular wood species. An original dialogue between nature and city living takes concrete shape in six versions, ranging from elm (Olmo) to oak (Rovere), in different colors. The authenticity and the oxidation, the grain pattern and the knots. The collection is an exploration of some of the most evocative arboreal perceptions, to be experienced within reach of our own dwellings.

Porcelain stoneware on the pool edge: why this choice?

The swimming pool is where luxury meets the everyday. A design environment which is stimulating and of great aesthetic impact, in which the choice of surfaces plays a key role not only in the visual effect but also in the convenience and safety of the space, which directly influence how it is used. Putting your trust in outdoor porcelain stoneware tiles will allow you to enjoy a boundless range of materials, colors, and finishes, and at the same time benefit from the incomparable technical performance of the material. As well as its resistance to wear and impact damage, chemicals, and the elements, porcelain stoneware tiles are frost-proof and do not absorb water; they are easy to clean and naturally hygienic, and require no specific care or maintenance regime. The coefficient of friction is carefully designed to make the surface anti-slip: safety comes first at the pool edge, for a space where relaxation always rules.
Porcelain stoneware is the best guarantee of safety and quality. Everything needed to live your home to the fullest, even outdoors.

19 May 2022


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