How to clean porcelain stoneware tiles: Here are Emilgroup’s secrets

Even though we are talking about a material that has many undeniable qualities, sometimes you may ask yourself how do I clean porcelain stoneware. We have faced the topic of the versatility and strong design potential of stoneware many times, with particular reference to the combination between aesthetics and performance. The latest generation ceramics technology, combined with an inexhaustible and impassioned research, allows us to create tiles that are incredibly resistant over time, to weathering, moisture, high temperatures, have excellent mechanical strength and are also shock resistant. On the other hand, one of the Emilgroup’s brightest proposals is to offer designers a product that has excellent design appeal and can reproduce highly appreciated effects and be in line with current trends. These characteristics are added to the awareness that a very cohesive and pleasant environment doesn’t only have to meet just the aesthetic and efficiency requirements, but also be comfortable. In everyday life you may find yourself asking what kind of maintenance your floor needs or how to remove stains from porcelain stoneware tiles. We will cover this practical – and therefore unavoidable – aspect in this article so that you can enjoy the surfaces in complete comfort.

Routine maintenance of porcelain stoneware: What is the best cleaning solution?

As mentioned above, stoneware is a material that can give life to any artistic concept, but once it has been transformed into a reality: how do I clean the tiles?
Let’s begin with the basics: regular cleaning and care are simple, fast and pretty straight forward. The typical risks of other materials commonly used on surfaces – dull or eroded marble, splintered or swollen wood – are completely neutralized by the incredible strength of stoneware. After establishing the reliability of the tile, we only need to ask what is the best cleaning solution for porcelain stoneware. In most cases a neutral cleaning solution diluted with plenty of hot water is more than sufficient to clean the tile using a soft cloth. In particular, with regard to Emilgroup products, the recommended steps for an effective cleaning are the following:

  • Do not leave dirt on the surface for too long;
  • Wash the tile regularly with neutral cleaning solutions or diluted degreasing cleaners following the instructions on the packaging;
  • Rinse with clean water.

How to clean rough porcelain tiles

Apart from the ease of cleaning, there are a few things to keep in mind when asking how to clean rough porcelain stoneware tiles. First and foremost, to completely eliminate the risk of incidents and to not affect the surfaces, you should always avoid using waxes and polishes, as well as instruments that can be abrasive on the tiles, such as hard bristle metal fiber brushes. With a few simple tricks, cleaning matte porcelain stoneware tiles is child’s play. For more stubborn stains, Emilgroup has also created a table of cleaning recommendations that indicates the most suited solvent for every type of machine, distinguishing acid based cleaning solutions from the alkaline based solutions. If needed, here are the instructions to remove every type of stain, without worries.

Given the resistance related conditions and performance and the ease of cleaning, it’s natural to think that cleaning wood-effect porcelain stoneware is much easier than cleaning the natural material, which requires polishing, special products and more substantial long-term care. Durability is instead one of the main characteristics of stoneware. A very inspiring collection for an easy to clean designer floor that is to be experienced is Elegance Pro by Ergon. The catalog gives form to elegance, inspired by the texture of authentically reproduced stone.

The sandstone-effect tiles combine architectural vocation, technical reliability and ease of cleaning and care, with a special focus on hygienic quality. The Elegance Pro tiles are anti-bacterial, thanks to Shield processing: the innovative technology used in the production process which is able to reduce bacterial growth on ceramic surfaces by up to 99.9% – a guarantee of reliable, long-lasting protection. Besides efficacy, the collection is distinguished by its aesthetic versatility: seven hues from White to Anthracite, for four different finishes. So this where the everlasting solidity of stone meets the more contemporary areas of design.

Cleaning glazed stoneware: all of the Emilgroup’s secrets

How do I clean glazed porcelain stoneware? Using the right methods, it is easy and convenient. To keep the beauty and shine of the tile intact, it’s best to start taking care of it immediately after installation: washing the work site is a fundamental step for removing the installation residue and dirt. Glazed stoneware gives life to a bright and non-porous surface, upon which dust and residue can easily appear – it’s important to carefully remove it before washing. After cleaning, a few bothersome enemies may appear on glossy surfaces: therefore here is how to remove stains from porcelain stoneware tiles. Just use neutral cleaning solutions diluted as much as possible, being careful to avoid using products that contain polishes or waxy substances. Sponges and abrasive pads must also be avoided in maintaining glazed stoneware floors. After being reassured about the ease of cleaning, we can choose the best marble effect glazed tile. And for large projects, Level Marmi has an unbeatable range of colors. More than 40 tiles to explore the evocative and architectural potential of the most noble and sophisticated material. Every vein pattern, reflection and stratification is enhanced in the details and in the proportions: the slabs (160x320, thickness 6.5 mm rectified, and 162x324, thickness 12 mm unrectified) turn every tile into a work of art.

How to clean stoneware after installation

Installation is a crucial time, not just for the final composition and assembly, but also for the cleaning. How to clean stoneware after installation is a question of primary importance for the beauty and future life of the surface. To ensure easy everyday cleaning, accuracy and timeliness are essential during the initial washing operations. For this, the surfaces should be thoroughly washed to remove cement and grout residues. The cleaning – performed at different times based on the grout used – is to be done using acidic cleaning solutions and paying attention to the following steps:

  • Apply the product diluted in a 10-20% solution to the surface;
  • Allow the product to act for 7-10 minutes;
  • Clean with a vigorous scrubbing action, using manual cleaning instruments or suitable floor cleaning appliances (the washing operation must be as homogeneous as possible);
  • Neutralize the acidic solution with plenty of water, hot if possible. Keep rinsing until all acid residue has been removed.

By following these recommendations we will have all the detailed instructions on how to clean porcelain stoneware tiles – a beautiful surface to see and convenient to live with.

17 May 2023


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