How to decorate a home in the mountains: are modern interiors possible?

Eclecticism and modernism: these are the trend elements to bring sophistication and personality to the interiors of mountain homes. Today, for mountain cabins, there is a tendency to experiment with new design solutions, without losing the typical, traditional atmosphere in line with the mountain imagery. The rustic character is reshaping itself with proposals that creatively reinterpret the classic aesthetic canons that have long defined its spaces with prominence. Materials like wood continue to represent the leitmotif of the furnishings; however, more and more architects and designers are putting forward proposals linked, for example, to the use of steel or concrete, nodding to the contemporary flavor of the brutalist movement. Mountain homes with modern interiors are the result of careful and meticulous design, considering every architectural element, from the choice of materials to furnishings, to the skillful care of outdoor spaces.

In short, there is a reformulation of aesthetic paradigms for mountain homes that we have been accustomed to: porcelain stoneware is the undisputed protagonist, thanks to its deep versatility, excellent technical performance, and its infinite and original applications within various design projects. So, how to decorate a home in the mountains? Let's find out!

Why are mountain homes made of wood?

The materials that adorn the interiors of mountain homes essentially derive from tradition. Wood, in all its essences and finishes, stands out as the material of choice for such a characteristic environment, immersed in nature and green expanses. Porcelain stoneware faithfully reproduces the details and finishes of wood, finding use in many construction projects of mountain cabins and homes. To stay on theme, one of the collections that best replicates wood is Mimemis by Emilceramica, inspired by the rustic naturalness of this material. Oak comes to life in all its materiality, with its irregularities, knots, and veins confirming the undeniable mimetic ability of porcelain stoneware. A perfect collection to preserve the traditional character of mountain homes, while at the same time bringing a breath of modernity to the living complex. Ideal for those who want to experiment and embrace an innovative design choice.

Mountain modern: how do you decorate a cabin in the mountains?

The true secret to furnishing a mountain home with contemporary charm is to skillfully reinterpret tradition. Understanding its essence, materials, and applications, and then reworking it into a more dry, minimal style in harmony with modern canons. In this sense, to experiment and make the interiors of mountain homes current, one can contemplate the presence of clean and linear figures, without excessive decorations and ornamental motifs. The rule is: simplify. This contributes to creating spaces with a dry appearance, recalling tradition through basic shapes. As for coverings, if the choice falls on wood-effect porcelain stoneware, the Alter collection by Provenza celebrates the different essences of oak worked and treated with colored resin inlays, an aesthetic choice with a contemporary flair. The material blend between the two elements gives balance and versatility to the environments, creating an atmosphere full of warmth and brightness. Speaking of brightness, lighting plays a crucial role in amplifying the feeling of coziness and intimacy that is perceived inside a cabin. Soft and strategically organized lights in key points will enhance the peculiarities and details, casting a veil of allure over the living complex. Finally, a mountain home cannot do without a fireplace, a symbol of tradition that finds full justification even in a contemporary context. The fire, the glow reflected on the walls, the scent of burning wood... it will feel like living inside a real haven.

How to decorate and Furnish a Small Mountain chalet

Even at high altitudes, the beauty of spaces is not dictated by size, but rather by harmony and functionality. Cozy environments, family-sized, often characterized by strategic openings that overlook the surrounding nature, ideal for holidays or escapes from city bustle. But how to furnish a small mountain apartment? The distinctive feature is essentiality, allowing ample space for natural finishes and carefully selected furnishings. The minimalist approach emphasizes the simplicity and intrinsic beauty of coverings such as wood, stone, and steel, without overloading them with unnecessary elements.

The compact dimensions of these interiors of mountain homes translate into a greater sense of intimacy and connection with the surrounding environment. Targeted openings towards the landscape capture panoramic views and introduce natural light: they amplify the spaces and convey a sense of pleasant airiness. For a small apartment, it is crucial to establish a synergistic dialogue between the two dimensions, the internal and the external, through enhancing design.

Regarding furnishings, the careful selection of furniture and furnishings takes on key importance in small spaces, where quality takes precedence over quantity. Each piece must be chosen with care, in line with the surrounding environment, to contribute to a sense of comfort and well-being.

In summary, interior design aims to be harmonious, modern, and reflect the calm and relaxing atmosphere of mountain homes.

Modern Interiors for mountain chalet

The design of modern interiors for a mountain home or  chalet must combine the essence of tradition with contemporary elements. But, what is mountain modern? This means reinterpreting classical canons to generate a new living dimension. An interesting approach is to enrich the rustic style of a mountain home with furnishings with a fresh and current design, promoting a sense of harmony between tradition and modernity. This can be achieved by providing continuity to the context through the use of traditional materials combined with more modern ones. If the central theme is wood, you can break the uniformity of the cladding with a steel or stone wall and highlight a focal point of the chalet. Speaking of the latter, the stone effect is beautifully reproduced by Chateau by Emilceramica, a collection inspired by natural stone from Burgundy. Declined in multiple modular formats and four delicate colors, Chateau interprets the most advanced architectural trends to tell the exclusive and impeccable style of modernity even at high altitudes.

In terms of structure, a solution that includes an open space is perfect to amplify the sense of airiness and generate fluidity between spaces, not forgetting how modern such a choice is. Going from the kitchen to the living room, among furniture and furnishings with simple and clean lines, adorned with decorative elements inspired by tradition, immersed in warm and soft lighting... the beauty of a modern home in the mountains, where you can spend moments of peace and tranquility, away from everyday life.


07 December 2023


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