Mix and match tile patterns to create stunning effects

When we want to create beautifully colored spaces that fit perfectly with our style and taste, we often ask ourselves how to mix tiles in the best possible way.

Here, then, are a few ideas for mixing and matching tiles in an original way.


Pair striking patterns with plain patterns

Creating movement is one of the secrets to making effective use of bolder colors. Alternating the position of the tiles can be a good strategy for creating genuine motifs on walls and floors.

For this reason, don’t worry about mix and match tile patterns that combine striking colors with solid colors: this trick will help make your spaces less static.

In addition, following the suggestions of color therapy - regarding the effects of colors on the body and mind - can help you to create more comfortable areas in your home.

A balanced mix of warm and cool shades for both tiles and furniture can make rooms more vibrant, enabling them to stir different emotions depending on the colors chosen.

For example, cream and chocolate is often a classic combo, and not only at the dining table! The Unique Travertine collection by Provenza includes travertine stone-effect tiles in both shades, to help create classic yet contemporary spaces, mixing tile patterns with different finishes.


Play with different finishes

Talking of finishes, there are numerous varieties that can be mixed and matched together. These include:

- The natural finish, typical of ceramic tiles with a smooth texture,
- The glossy finish, perfect for playing around with light effects;
- Structured, which reproduces 3D effects on the tile
- Gloss, which creates a mirrored effect;
Natural, more matt and very versatile

To coordinate the various finishes you must first decide on the overall visual effect you want from the various surfaces in a room.

Same color, different shape

Though it might sound strange, mixing tile patterns of different shapes can breathe new life into your spaces.

You can obtain a modern and elegant effect by matching kitchen wall and floor tiles using tone-on-tone color combinations. Thanks to the Emilceramica Landscape collection, which showcases the beauty of sedimentary rock, you can use different shaped tiles in the same shade without affecting the harmony of the room.

In this way, there is no risk of the plain color making the room “monotone” in any way!


Bathroom tile patterns: it’s all about balance

We also have some mix and match tile ideas for the bathroom. One interesting idea for many rooms, and for this specific space in particular, is that of mixing materials that are also very different from each other. For example, it is always advisable to choose easy-to-clean materials like large tiles with minimal joints.

The bathroom is the right place for pushing the boat out with Optical effect tiles on the walls or floor that will amaze your guests.

If you have a large bathroom you can even go with marble-effect porcelain stoneware.

Finally, for a really striking effect try mixing different tiles in the bathroom and the rest of the house.

19 May 2021


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