Interview with SRS+ Architekten Studio

SRS+ Architekten Studio selected the Medley by Ergon collection for an ambitious project: the restyling of the Babenberger Passage Disco in Vienna. The project was able to enhance the original concept of the Medley collection and therefore prevailed in the Inspiration category of the Emilgroup Project Awards 2022.

At the awards ceremony, we had the opportunity to interview Arch. Maximilian Reichard, who was responsible for the design and realisation of this project.

1. How does it feel to have been awarded among hundreds of architecture and interior design projects?

It is a great honour for us to have won the Inspiration category at the Emilgroup Project Awards 2022. As SRS+ Architekten we are very happy and proud that our ideas and more generally the whole project convinced the jury of the EPA 2022.

2. What led you to select our collections for your project?

We chose the Emilgroup collections and in particular the Medley by Ergon one because, in our opinion, it best interprets the Venetian terrazzo effect. The modern and contemporary design of the Dark Grey Rock and Dark Grey Pop shades allowed us to achieve a styled, elegant and high quality disco.
What is more, being a disco we needed a product with high performance, easy to clean and highly resistant. This is why we chose porcelain stoneware and in particular the Medley by Ergon collection.

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3. What did you most appreciate about our collections?

What we appreciated most about the Emilgroup collections is the high quality of the products and their special, sophisticated design. Having a wide choice of finishes, surfaces, sizes and shades is essential for an architectural firm such as ours. Emilgroup and its collections allowed us to realise an elegant project with an attractive and refined design without having to compromise on quality. 

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02 December 2022


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