Invisible induction cooktop: the latest kitchen countertop trend

Innovation, luxury, symbol of the kitchen of the future: the invisible induction cooktop is this and much more. The latest trends in the interior design sector depict an aesthetically perfect cooktop that is also functional. To solidify this proposal, the invisible cooking system comes into play. At first glance it seems like a normal kitchen, but the worktop is hiding the cooking system: the induction plates are located just below the countertop.

There is a cooking zone, but it cannot be seen: once it is shut off, it is the ideal worktop for any activity. The countertop therefore also becomes a cooking surface in a wonderful seamless composition.

A stylistic and design choice, which is also an advantage in terms of cleanliness and efficiency. A countertop with an invisible cooktop made of stoneware is a guarantee that it is impermeable, resistant and long lasting. It resists heat and staining and is ideal for use in direct contact with food. It can also be highly personalized: we can choose whether the marble effect, the stone or wood look or a solid color slab best fits our needs. Without forgetting that an induction cooker has a lower consumption with respect to a traditional gas system, offering a substantial energy savings.

Let’s evaluate this trend a bit further by analyzing its applications and strong points.

What is an invisible induction cooktop?

The advanced technology that goes into an invisible induction cooktop allows the cooking surface to be built directly into the worktop so that there is just a single, flat and uniform area without any visible seams. The entire area can be used to prepare food, offering advantages in terms of space, ease of cleaning and energy efficiency. The invisible cooking system is composed of a series of heating elements, generally made up of electric resistance heaters, mounted directly below the countertop tiles or slab. The control panel is used to turn the various cooking zones on or off and to select the desired temperature setting.

It is an elegant and modern alternative to traditional cooktops, and is particularly indicated for contemporary and designer kitchens, where the goal is to obtain a minimalistic and refined look.

Why choose an invisible cooking system

Who is an invisible cooking system intended for? It is without a doubt intended for those who are looking for a designer solution and are also looking to save space. But it is also intended for those who want to lower their bills: an induction system can optimize energy consumption by 20% compared to a conventional gas hob, making it almost twice as energy efficient. And those looking for a long-term solution will find that this cooking system is an effective tool.
Choosing the correct countertop is fundamental. It must be impact, scratch and heat resistant and be easy to clean. Porcelain stoneware is the optimal solution, as it can withstand temperatures of up to 1200°C and is scratch and abrasion resistant. Level by Emilgroup is the collection of large ceramic slabs measuring 160x320 that combines high-quality styling with the strength, hygiene and practicality advantages of porcelain stoneware. Available in five different sources of inspiration (marble, concrete, design, stone and solid color), it can satisfy a wide range of stylistic variants. The Level slabs are also certified by the NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) as Food Equipment Material.

Cooking on a worktop: here are the advantages of an induction hob hidden in a worktop 

There are various advantages to using an invisible cooking system, from both an aesthetic and functional point of view. The main advantage is that an induction hob hidden in a worktop gives the kitchen a modern and elegant design. The absence of visible seams provides a clean and minimalistic look, without compromising on function.Cleaning also becomes faster and easier with its uniform surface: a kitchen that is always perfectly gleaming and without gaps and spaces between the tiles.

The possibility of having the induction hob hidden in a worktop lets you use the entire surface to prepare food: something that is very useful for smaller kitchens. Porcelain stoneware tiles are also know for being long-lasting and also stain and scratch resistant: an excellent choice for those who are looking for a resistant cooking system with a long service life.

How to clean an invisible cooktop

Porcelain stoneware is a strong and long-lasting material that doesn’t require any special tricks to clean it, unlike other surfaces which are less resistant to chemicals and abrasions.

In any case, here are some suggestions on how to keep it perfectly clean. For crumbs just use a microfiber cloth or a handheld vacuum cleaner, while a soft cloth or a delicate sponge is the best choice for cleaning food off the cooking surface. A solution of hot water and a delicate detergent can be used for more stubborn stains.

Furthermore, to prevent damage to the porcelain stoneware surface, the use of aggressive chemicals like muriatic acid, bleach and ammonia are not recommended.

Easy cleaning, long-lasting, endless design possibilities: all these characteristics make stoneware an excellent ally for installing an invisible induction cooktop in a kitchen, making it a practical choice with a sophisticated design.

03 May 2023


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