La Corte residence, Mediterranean style in Miami: interview with Gaia Sonzogni of GAIA/S DESIGN and Andrea Benedetti

An overseas collaboration between Italy and the USA has seen two renowned architects, Gaia Sonzogni of GAIA/S DESIGN and Andrea Benedetti, join forces to design a special residence in Miami Beach that recreates the Mediterranean and natural atmospheres of Spanish “cortes”. Emilgroup porcelain stoneware was selected in this important project to tile the five bathrooms in the house.

We had a chat with the architects to learn about their approach.

What is the philosophy behind your interior design project?

I would describe the interior design as a mix of organic architecture, contemporary Mexican design and a touch of classic Italian elegance: the colour palette is inspired by Miami sand, becoming both the background and contrasting element to the blue sky and subtropical views of the residence’s garden.

The mix of natural and neutral colours and textures is designed to lighten the space and make it as relaxing as possible for guests/inhabitants. The only hint of colour, in the powder room with the Onyx Green slab, evokes typical Miami colours.

What excited you most about this project?

Implementing the vision from design to execution and interfacing with professionals who contributed to the project was the most enjoyable part of the process. As both the investor and part of the architecture, design and construction team, I was able to monitor all the steps of the work process. 

What impressed you most about Emilgroup?

Emilgroup ceramic slabs boast a very high level of patterning quality and fully render the effect of natural stone. The selected collections convey the feeling of naturalness and balance that runs through the entire project.

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Photos: Hannah Forrester Studio and gaia_s_studio

07 March 2024


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